Many different versions have been written (2), Physics (1), Representative of a creation tale originating in Egyptian mythology (1), Represents wildlife and children watching wildlife using a snowman. This book contains actual photographs of wildlife animals. Mom's Choice Gold Award (1), Theme: animals in the woods trying to determine who the stranger is in the woods (1), 2001 International Reading Association's highest honors recipient (1), Theme: Animals that are Black and White can be big or small and live all over the world. Has the same author as Animals in Camouflage. (1), Topic: Animals who are Black and White (1), the Nile River and other aspects of Egypt. The book was self illustrated and a retelling of a folktale. (1), Theme: The creation of the Afterworld (1), Represents the idea of not judging someone by their flaws (1), Indies Choice Book Award WInner (1), and curses. Theme: digging holes to "build character" (1), Topic: Corduroy finding his button so he can have a home (1), Focuses on the accomplishments of African Americans in the history of exploration (1), Represents the history of African Americans as explorers (1), Theme: African American Explorers throughout history (1), Author won Laura Ingalls Wilder Award and Knickerbocker Award (1), Recognized in the New York Times Book Review (1), Topic: Paul Revere's life (1), Represents identity struggles (1), and flashbacks to the past. (1), lessons learned after each adventure. Represents Italy in the setting of the story. (1), Franklin was also a TV series (1), Topics: Lying (1), Theme: Short stories about visits with Grandma (1), The book is a retelling of a fable (1), Theme: Hard work is rewarded (1), Moral: Do not enter an empty house that is not yours and stealing is wrong (1), Theme: Goldilocks is trying the Three Bears' items (1), Theme: Animals representing people looking for Franklin (1), Moral: Follow the rules or bad things could happen (1), Read in class by Betty White on video. Topic: running away from home. First printed in black and white (1956) later reprinted in color (2001) (1), one of a series of informational books. (1), Theme: Traveling through time to discover different dinosaurs (1), Topic: Dinosaur fossils (1), Topic: Being judged by your appearance. Theme: Hiding a sad story to move on in life. Yep Laurence received the Newbery Honor awards for other titles such as "Dragonwings" and "Dragon's Gate" (1), Represents the ethnicity of Asians (1), making memories. Award winning illustrator (Chris Soentpiet) and this books is based on personal experiences. (1), Represents the relationship had between a grandparent and grandchild. Topic: daily routines (1), Author has received the John Newbery Medal for Out of the Dust another one of her picture books. Represents the south during a drought and how the community feels after it rains. This book is written using a lyrical style. (1), Represents a variety of cultures through the use of food. Theme: different foods eaten during lunch at school. Focuses on Japanese and Japanese American culture. Topic: or respect for other cultures and their practices. (1), themes of telling the truth and following directions (1), and communication (1), Nominated for the Sequoyah Award: Oklahoma's Children's Book Award (1), Topics discussed on weather (1), Represents Hispanic culture through the use of language (1), and Outer Space. Represents African Americans throughout the sciences. (1), Topics discussed related to Biology (1), Theme of African American Scientists in history (1), and Golden Globes. Themes centered on experiences for books but this is focused on the life achievements of Laura Ingalls WIlder as a writer. (1), Awards from TV Land (1), Little House on the Prairie made into TV series (1), Integrated Education Theme (1), Jane Addams Children's Book Award Honor Book (1), Representative of rural life (1), Themes of personal experiences and rural areas (1), Features Pulitzer Prize winning books (1), Literature Circle One (1), People's Choice Awards (1), Vandalism (1), Parent's Choice Award (1), patience (1), and Has English/Spanish Glossary. (1), Theme of community (1), Adapted by many different cultures (1), and not to judge a person by their outward appearance. Parent's Choice Silver Award (1), selflessness versus selfishness. Kids' Choice Award for favorite book nominee. (1), Representative of any individual regardless of ethnicity. Is a story teaching about being thankful for what you receive and to give back. Topic: giving and receiving (1), and labor camps. Representative of Chinese History. (1), Topics: Kites (red and blue) used for communication (1), Theme: Cultural Revolution of China (1), Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People (2008) (1), Represents Judaism and the Jewish community (1), Theme: Holocaust (1), Topics: honesty (1), Topics of homelessness and underlying hardship (1), Theme: learning a moral (1), Was written as part of John Lithgow's keynote address at Harvard's comencement. (1), Topics of Struggle and Perseverance (1), Represents all new College students or a new student at a new school (1), Represents animals from around the world. (1), Theme: animals that blend in with their surroundings to survive (1), Topic: Animals that use camouflage (1), Based on true events. (1), and more. Represents Southern and small town life (1)
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