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Jan 12, 2006
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I have had two great book purges in my life. The first one was when I was leaving 6th grade. I left my "babyish" books with my teacher for her classroom library (including some books I should have kept). The second was when I reluctantly realized there was just no way to keep all the books I scored when my college English department collectively discarded about 50 boxes of books. These days my collection is weeded regularly, so that my husband and I can fit both of our collections in our house. I have lots of science fiction, fantasy, history, spirituality, and knitting books. You'll also find things from the childish and silly to the tasteless and heretical. Sorry--I'm an omnivore. I read everything!

I have owned many of the book listed here, but may not own them right now. Due to space and money issues, I can't necessarily buy and keep all the books that I really enjoyed. They can be collected virtually instead, where they can reveal my actual reading patterns, versus my buying-and-never-quite-getting-to patterns.
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I'm a public librarian who was way too excited for my own good when I found out about LibraryThing. I was a strange kid--I tried to put Dewey numbers on my own books. :-)
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