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Roberto Lofaro
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Only books that I assume are
a) useful or "must read", or
b) out-of-print
c) potentially kick-starters into a new subject area
d) something that might interest others
as for my (extensive) technological and IT "collection": only a few... and most of those on AI and games

About Me

contact me if you need a quick summary of one of the books in my library- or join me on twitter @robertolofaro

sometimes I also publish articles on my blog where I add references to specific books (

uploading my library is a long, long, long process- probably it will take few months more

PS I also use my library as a public way to share a simple concept: I usually bought books on business subjects after I learned something on-the-job

therefore, this online catalogue is also an addendum to my CV (showing "when" I first acquired or formalized a specific skill)
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