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About 10 years ago I moved overseas for 2 years, so I sold or gave away all my books, and I have been gradually rebuilding my library. It is frustrating to see 'my' books in the bookshelves of friends and family, but that's how it is. I have only listed about 1/3 so far, if I include cookbooks, work books/texts and quilting books. Really enjoying seeing other people's catalogues - very envious of the larger ones.
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I joined LibraryThing a while ago, but let my account lapse and stopped visiting the site. Now I am back! Joined as a lifetime member, and looking forward to catching up with the zeitgeist (sp?). I live in Australia in a town in eastern NSW. I work at a regional university teaching law. Apparently I am now middle aged, but very immature. I have always been an avid reader, but I get lazier as the years go on. I now enjoy sci fi, fantasy and detective novels, and have recently started reading popular science, especially neuroscience, linguistics and biology.
Armidale, NSW, Australia
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