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Sobre Minha Biblioteca
My taste in books has a pretty broad range. I was a late bloomer when it comes to reading. I was the kid in school who simply didn't read it and took my best stab at the quiz/test/report. Now, I can't get enough - go figure.

As such, I'm still finding the voices in literature that speak to me. I'm reading whatever strikes my fancy and loving it.

My tags:
self-explanatory really

They are what they are.

About Me
- wife & son (the most)
- books (many)
- my (now digital) music collection
- guitars (mine)
- coffee (large)
- (another) beer
- scotland (all)
- librarything (brilliant)
- kindness (meditate on it.)

Dislikes Strongly:
- closed minds (who are convinced they know more than they do and thus won't consider others' opinions)
- politicians (see above)
- hot weather (here)
- (i fight) sleep
- those who do the same thing but expect a different outcome (defined: insanity)
- political correctness for political correctness sake (you either feel that way or you don't - many just hide it now)
- Hallmark holidays (that's all of them folks - don't be thankful, or tell your significant other you love them, or be giving one day a year - DO IT ALL YEAR LONG.)
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