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The world needs more laughter, more joy. Snids books are all about laughter. If they cause people to laugh, then there’s a little more joy in the world and a little less sadness and anger.

About Me

Author’s writing resume: Gramma D has published children’s stories, worked as editor/writer for a small publishing company, penned special features for newspapers and written a travel column. Gramma D and her husband have traveled the world by freighter, river cruises, ocean cruises and land. They now live in Arizona where friends and sunshine brighten their days.

Awards or honors: The poem Lookout! Lookout! Snids Got Out in New York City (not the book) received honorable mention in a 2021 Writers Digest poetry contest.

Writing preferences: I am entirely focused on the Snids series. I have six more finished and am working on numbers seven and eight. (Will publish more when I know the market is good for the first two.)

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