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My library started when I was about three years old. I have vivid memories of my grandmother reading to me at that age--books such as Cannonball Simp, Little Toot, and Winnie the Pooh. When I was seven, my parents gave me a mail-order subscription to the "Step Up" books. They were a great introduction to science, cultures, and biographies. There were few thrills as great as coming home from school and finding one of those books in the mail.

By the time I was a young (very young, it seems now) adult, my wife and I had a toddler and a new baby, and nearly every edition from the Berenstain Bears collection. Quite a few Dr. Seuss classics, too, but not much else in the house besides textbooks. I wanted to ensure our kids always had access to great books, so I started occasionally buying classic literature, history, and biographies. That was more than twenty-five years ago.

Opening an old book is like meeting someone from generations past. Who last perused the pages?

I've been in hundreds of bookstores all over the world, and have decided that the best usually look the worst. The very best require climbing, precarious reaching, and a high tolerance for dust. I'm also fortunate to have a very patient wife. Whenever my frugality (ok, cheapness) prompts hesitation, she always encourages me to just buy the book already.

I still get a thrill when I come home from work and find that a book has arrived in the mail.

Clear Lake, Texas and Hot Springs, Virginia
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