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Sep 26, 2010
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the Big House
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We are the books that mothers and fathers read when they were children. Our pages curled up with emotion when their children and their children's children picked us up and started reading too.

"The Big House had no one room set aside as a library, but thirteen rooms had at least a shelf's worth of books. Every bedroom and hallway had its own cache." p231, Rain

Two LT members, moibibliomaniac and WholeHouseLibrary read Mr. Colt's book, and decided to catalogue us on Library Thing, with the author's blessings, we should add!
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We are the books that six generations of one family read in their summer house on Cape Cod. The family called their house "the Big House." We books were scattered in almost every room of the house. In his book, aptly called The Big House, George Howe Colt provides a living history of his family's summer house, the Big House, from when it was built in 1903 to when it was sold years later near the turn of the century. In his book, he identifies many of us books by title and author. Editions are not identified. As an added note, George Howe Colt's spouse is the author Anne Fadiman.
Wings Neck, Ma.
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