Real Name
Jennifer Smart
About Me
Tenkara’s first book, She Named Me Wolf, is being described as “magical”, “intriguing”, “…gave me goose bumps,” and, “I loved it!” In her book series The Many Lives of Wolf, Tenkara pulls on her belief that we are all spiritual beings living a physical experience, learning all we can to reach new levels of awareness.

Tenkara Smart graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor in English Literature, minor in Creative Writing, which took her to a role unrelated to writing (as often happens) and into senior leadership for a US based running store. Tenkara later moved with the love-of-her-life Aussie husband to Doha, Qatar, and then on to Melbourne, Australia. A former surfer in SoCal, Tenkara is now chicken to enter the waters of Australia for fear of being bitten by a shark, stung by a jellyfish, or who knows what else!
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