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Note to any author - Please ignore the hubris of my librarything page. Remember that it is a personal account of every book I have read, and if I actually met you I would be humbled by your real talent of making several coherent sentences that develop into a paragraph, chapter and story that you have managed to publish and get into my hands. All I can really boast about is my parallel parking skills.

I am chronicling books that I have read not books that are on my bookshelf. I had started in a notebook, and was so delighted to find librarything because it was everything I ever wanted to convert my notebook to virtual reality.

I've added books to the end of my list that I read before I started keeping track and writing reviews. I'll get to them...someday.

About my star rating system - The one star books are not really that bad to only rate one star. It is just that I don't read those horrible waste of time books that would normally get a one star rating. Those books are completely off my radar and would be afforded a big zero.

5 stars - I really loved this book, and of course you should read it.

4 stars - I liked this book a lot, and thought about it when I wasn't reading it. It also stayed with me long after I read it.

3 stars - I'm glad I read this, and would recommend if appropriate.

2 stars - I was happy enough to read this, but I am not recommending it to others.

1 stars - Why did I keep reading?
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December 2010
I'll try to give the standards that I've been skimming in other introductions, but I never think of myself as having a static life to define in broad strokes.

I can only give these statement that are true at this moment:

I am 37 - but most people guess me in my mid-twenties upon meeting me in person.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA - but sometimes I ask myself "How did I get here?"

What I think is amazing:

The breadth of things I do not know, and the ephianies upon discovery.

That I live in a world where millions are watching and loving a television show that I have never heard of, and if I am really lucky, will never have to watch myself.

June 2006
I'll read just about anything that people recommend - hence some of those books on my list. Besides the book that I am currently reading I am always listening another book on my ipod. Please don't start with how that is not really reading a book. To me that is like saying bottled water isn't really water. I listen to unabridged versions, and can actually pay as much attention as I do to a regular book.

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