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I have been reading since I was taught to read when I was 4 years old. My tastes as a child and teenager were pretty typical for the 1970s and 80s - Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy boys, Anne of Green Gables, Trixie Belden, The Chalet School series, Angel Brazil, etc etc.

But as I got older I discovered History and Historical Fiction. I had a really poor history teacher in high school who did a good job of putting me off History. It took me almost a decade to rediscover my love for the subject.

Now I read pretty much anything non fictional that includes history as well as a lot of historical fiction.

I also love reading books about Books. Helene Hanff is a wonderful author and I love her books as well. I discovered her after seeing the classic movie - 84 Charing Cross Road - which came out in the 1980s.

I also discovered Sci-fi in the 1980s as well. It took me years to understand why I preferred Star Trek over Star Wars. The answer is because Star Trek was within the realm of possibility (it is plausible), while Star Wars (and the force - or magic?) is not plausible. This is also why I don't like most fantasy stories, especially those with dragons, elves, orcs, trolls, dwarves, etc. They just do not exist in the real world.

And while I have read the Harry Potter books, the fantasy creatures dont bother me at all. It is all the plot holes in those books that bug me.

I do like Naomi Norviks Temararie series which uses dragons as a means of transport during the Napoleonic wars. Those dragons may not real, but the the rest of the story is.

My favourite Non fiction authors are Jared Diamond, Simon Winchester, Pierre Berton, Nancy Goldstone and Helene Hanff.

My favourite fictional authors are James Michener and Clive Cussler.

One last thing. I can no longer read physical books, so I have been reading E-books only since 2012. Yes my eyes are that bad!!
About Me
Born and raised in New Zealand. Emigrated to Toronto, Canada in 2000 after I married my Canadian spouse. We have one teenage son. Hubby and son are not great book readers. My son does read a lot of manga and anime online. But mostly they both just want to play video games. Typical males.

My favourite hobby when I am not reading is doing Genealogy. Again this plays into my love for History, but still, Genealogy is considered to be a whole different interest from Reading.
Toronto, Canada

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