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May 22, 2012
Real Name
Jeremy Pool
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
As a map collector, I have gradually built a reference library about the history of cartography. An amazing number of books have been published over the last century which cover the history of map-making. These include generalist works, works relating to map production at various times and places, and works relating to the cartography of particular geographical areas. I find that I spend as much time looking into my cartographic books as I do looking at the actual maps in my collection.
About Me
I am a software developer with a particular interest in software (like LibraryThing) that helps collectors keep track of their collections. I am also a map collector, and I use LibraryThing to keep track of my cartography books.

I suspect that many book collectors also collect other things (photographs, art, coins, etc. - there are thousands of types of collections). And if a collector is serious enough about his or her book collection to bring them to catalog it on LibraryThing, then that collector is probably also serious about the non-book collections as well. It is for these collectors that I wrote "Recollector", software for cataloging serious personal collections. Recollector is appropriate for any kind of collection (though for book collectors, LibraryThing, with its built in knowledge about books and its community of book lovers, is no doubt a better choice). One of Recollector's strengths is the availability of the Recollector App, a smartphone app (for iPhone and Android) that lets collectors carry their collections with them on a smartphone or tablet.

You can find out more about Recollector at
Cambridge, MA
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