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May 16, 2007
Real Name
Laurelyn (Laurie) Bergfeld
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
One of my brothers years ago referred to my book collection as "eclectic." History, novel, science fiction, romance (some standard, most historical), biographical, technical, children's, poetry, mystery are all there.

And now, with three granddaughters, more and more children's stuff (much of which was read to me) including more modern works.

I've added, since joining LT, teen and teen romance (as Teen Angst in my categories), and much more international and classic work. There's also more contemporary fiction than there used to be on my shelves.

Every book on this list I have read at some point in my life, including any that are shown as complete sets (i.e., the Durants and all the Shakespearean plays!). Some of the books listed are in my library, and some are from reading groups or recommendations from friends. I am also something of a compulsive "list" reader, from high school English classes to series works by various authors. As you can guess, I'm working on the 1001 Must Read--just because it's there.
About Me
I'm a fourth generation Californian who always has a book in hand (and one in the bag and one in the living room and one in the bedroom and so forth), but I avoided the e-book dilemma until my son gave me a Nook to travel with and read or watch movies. And Nook offers a free book every Friday and if it sounds interesting, I'll download it. Takes me awhile to get to the reading, however.

But books, the kind with paper pages, please, pretty pretty please!! I support three local libraries with my business and very large stash of to-be-read all over my home and desk at work. I'm being forced to eliminate volumes now (or I'll be a perfect candidate for Hoarders), so anything that I won't reread or pass on is going into the stack for my firm's librarians to pass on to local libraries. It's hard making those decisions!
Los Angeles California

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