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I'm pretty sure my library won't be as fully filled out here as it should. I couldn't possibly fit all the books I've read. Or my giant (never ending) to-read list. :P But I'll make it work. Mostly you'll find a large listing of my favorites here, and the books I most desire to-read in the very near future. I probably won't post reviews much since I do most of my reviewing at my blog. :)
About Me
Pixie Lynn Whitfield is a feisty red-headed author from Texas with an unhealthy obsession to the strange and quirky. Sometimes considered as eccentric and a little spunky, but mostly just a short dork that has a love for books, history, and the dark. When not writing, can usually be found with her nose stuck in a book or in the blogosphere.

Pixie writes mostly YA--Paranormal/Fantasy, Dystopian, and some Horror. Her 2012 debut release DARKNESS COMES THIS WAY is the first book to a YA Paranormal trilogy. There are many other projects to come in the near future and she's excited to share.

When asked what made her want to be a writer, she'll tell you it was from the moment she'd started reading. That one "I do not like green eggs and ham" line, and her mind had been made up for life. Also knowing there wasn't much of a place in the world for her overactive imagination other than sharing it through her words, worlds, and characters. There'd never been much thought to anything else besides being a writer.

Pixie used to write news articles and once considered a long-term career as a journalist, but quit when realizing she wasn't writing the stories truly desired. Instead, she now writes, creating casts of crazy fictional beings, and blogs for fun--and enjoys a great community of other book bloggers. She adores the book blogging community, having been a part of it for almost four years now.

Be sure to drop by her blog anytime:

Her other "unhealthy obsessions" good music, Supernatural, comics and other nerdy things, boots and vintage fashion, Monster energy drinks, and tattoos.

You can see her Amazon author profile and/or purchase any of her work at

I read a little bit of everything really but I tend to enjoy mostly YA, fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopian, and horror.
I'm also a big Shakespeare fan/geek. And have a need to hug Stephen King one day.

Mostly reviews will be found at the blog:

You can also follow Pixie on twitter:!/addiction2books

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Anything else you want to know, just ask!
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