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Pete Green
Sobre Minha Biblioteca

I've always referred my collecting as my search for books "By and About" (African American History, Fiction, Non-Fiction and that, in various formats, i.e. Hardcover, Trade Paper, Pocket, Pamphlet, Comics, Magazine, Journals, Recorded Media, etc.) I have collected for well over 50-years. Most items were sourced via used bookstores, Goodwill, Thrift Shops, Antique Shops, Yard Sales and Local (NJ) Farmer's Markets. (NJ Markets include Columbus, New Egypt, Englishtown, Cowtown, Cobweb Corner, New Castle Farm Market (DE), etc.) I've shared (lectured / displayed) my collection with local schools, libraries, churches, restaurants and one Corporate HQ in particular, during Black History Month. My collection includes a number of autographed titles, some purchased knowingly, others were surprise findings.

It's truly amazing what one can find at a flea market or yard sale, either on a table, in a miscellaneous box or simply tossed on the ground.

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About me: I'm just an ordinary guy; an Alabama to Ohio to New Jersey transplant.

Burlington, NJ
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