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Contemporary and literary fiction, historical fiction, mystery and short stories are my go to reads. Nothing makes me happier than a grand family/generational saga. Same goes for “southern fiction” and more than anything, Canlit. By expanding my reading I have included more in the non-fiction and/or memoir categories. On occasion I have enjoyed a solid and smart "chick-lit" or "women's literature" read. I'm not a fan of romance, or to more aptly put this - no erotica or raunch! YA is not something I generally read, however one or two of the contemporary YA titles have crossed my path. I have tried to expand my reading as much as possible, but remain pretty adamant that science fiction, dystopian and fantasy books are not to my liking, and I stay away from vampires & zombies. If I'm reading on an e-reader it's Kobo (Kobo Glo to be precise). And audiobooks are a must have and have one or two on the go at all times.
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The Literary Hoarders are friends who date all the way back to elementary school. Elizabeth and Penny's friendship continues since that short time ago, as we discovered our limitless passion for reading was shared. The love of reading culminated into The Literary Hoarders back in 2011, and we've been busily reading and reviewing ever since! Each of us can lay claim to enormous, teetering piles of books “to be read” in the many nooks and crannies of our homes. We continue to feed this disorder through daily discussion of books, what should be added to those piles, and what could be tossed aside. We almost never turn down a recommendation. The Literary Hoarders began as a way of offering a real reader’s perspective on books. It's our way of sharing our recommendations, insights and thoughts on all things literary. We share our reading lists, our opinions on film adaptations, and anything else in the literary world.
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