SciFi (2), KRL’s (2), Fantasy (1), A hell of a series. Well written and excellent characters (1), Good Author - Interesting style (1), Excellent description of alien form and society (1), Unexpected very good read. (1), Interesting Series (1), Interesting story - Do Not Have (1), problems with character development leads to stiff portrayal. (1), Good Series so far (1), Great read Good plot (1), Interesting plot not typical military (1), Not Bad - decent Author (1), Interesting - Some Tech Stuff (1), A decent series. (1), Grizzly as hell. Anyone who thinks war is fun should read and learn. (1), Decent writing but to many plots. (1), Typical Elmore Lenard. A good read. (1), Not bad alien character build (1), Very Grim indeed (1), Interesting but the plotting is to convenient. Travel great dist. in hours (1), escape experienced guards to easily. (1), A decent ending. However Dietz could have done much more with this character (1), A great explanation of the North American Native history of interactions with European settlers and their treatment over the last 500 years. (1), Absurd book. No character development. No interesting plot. Barely worth reading. Obviously just a statement of story action points. BAD very BAD!!!! (1), An amazing account of British injenuity in developing new devices to use against Nazi Germany. Also the development of the first highly trained commandos versed in the art of sabotage (1), extreme hand fighting (1), and killing by hand (1), A betweener book (1), Terrible 50 - 60’s influenced (1), Not Bad. Interesting play on Canada - USA politics (1), Signed by Gordon on October 7 (1), A good read (1), Bookclub Edition (1), Hardcover (1), Don’t Own (1), SF (1), Excellent (1), No ISBN (1), Good idea (1), Not Sure if Read (1), Interesting but weird book (1), SF awful book (1), Book Cover Wrong - Polka Dot Cover (1), 1979 to Mary-Karen in appreciation for Guest liaison work at NonCon (1), Read (1), SciFiu (1), Enjoyable-light (1), Weirdly interesting (1), Worth following up (1), Weirdly interesting. Need check second book (1), Interesting need first Grey Bastards (1), A little thin in plot (1), Also published as BLACK MAN (1), Also published as THIRTEEN (1), Whimsically interesting! Worth reading future books (1), Well paced - interesting read (1), 3.5 to 4 Stars (1), They utter pig headedness of the upper Officer corp of the British High Command. To the point where they would not stoop to sabotage - NOT - gentlemanly conduct. An eye opener indeed. (1)
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Sep 25, 2019