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Jul 31, 2007
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
My school syllabus is the foundation upon which my library is built. Which means a lot of contemporary African and Caribbean novels and Shakesphere.

Recently I've started reading a lot a chick lit, and started exploring books from an Asian perspective. I'm mixing sillier or lighter pieces with more substantial selections. Because reading is meant to be fun
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I grew up reading a lot, but admittedly not enough of the classics, and after doing literature in high school I forgot that reading could be a joy. So after a good friend of mine reminded me of that, I've started again, thank goodness.

Right now I'm trying to get through the classics, both old and new. Critics faves, Oprah's Book Club are always interesting options, but sometimes whatever inspires me will be picked.

And as a Trinbagonian I really need to read Sir Vidia's works.
United Kingdom
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