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Oct 2, 2023
Real Name
Gary Sites
Sobre Minha Biblioteca

My library consists of around 1,000 paperback and hardback volumes of various genres, some of which I’ve had for over 50 years. The shelves reflect so many diverse interests, it would take too much room here to name them all. There are special collections of my favorite authors which are displayed proudly and prominently. Every Zane Grey western novel is present, passed down from my Dad who began collecting the hardbacks in 1958.

My favorite writer, Bobby Underwood has a shelf all his own. Underwood is a prolific writer who writes across genres, from crime and mystery, to old-fashioned noir, to ethereal and old-fashioned romantic fantasy, to westerns and light science fiction.

James Lee Burke’s Robicheaux series is another treasure.

The Navajo mysteries by Tony Hillerman keep watch over another favorite, Craig Johnson’s Longmire books.

Chekhov’s stories take up a lot of space too.

The shelves contain a nice hardback collection of Dickens, complete with several editions of A Christmas Carol--a must for every library, as far as I’m concerned.

The rest is a hodgepodge of works, mostly fiction before the 21st century. There’s plenty of non-fiction too, consisting of biographies of famous sports and film stars, along with a large section dedicated to the American Civil War, or more accurately, the war of Northern aggression.

About Me

I was the typical jock when I began high school in 1977. Even then I loved to read, but my interests were only as varied as to what sports season it was at the time. Then, I was introduced to American Lit by my English teacher, Mrs. Garland. The first book we read was "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles. It blew me away. I didn't know such a world existed. I mean, the awesome world of Literature. Next came, "When the Legends Die" by Hal Borland. I was hooked. Over the last four decades, I have consumed so much Literature, and lived so many different lives through those pages. Books have been the friends and loves that have never let me down through all the struggles of this life. Although I still remain a jock at heart (albeit, a slow moving one), books have given me a life and happiness of which I am so grateful. Thanks to all my wonderful teachers over the years, who promoted my love affair with the written word. Cheers to Mrs. Garland, Mrs. Knight, Miss Jewel, Lloyd Flannigan, Jewel Ann Gottschalk, and Dick Harrington. Special thanks to my wonderful parents who gave me so many books.

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