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Sage just loves sattva juice. It brings her such joy. But the moment that she thinks about going to get some, she starts to feel too scared to get out of her nice, warm, and cozy bed. She is afraid of so many things, that she can’t think of anything but her fears.

Have you ever felt, scared as can be… your fears are just too big to see clearly? Well, that is what is happening for Sage right now. Her father encourages her to meet her friends at their juice stand and that is when they start to play the FEAR…less game.

This delightful story brings real life tools for children to master their fears to be the greatest version of themselves.

About Me

Michelle's journey began more than 20 years ago when doctors diagnosed her with a host of endocrine system failures. Unsatisfied with conventional approaches to rectify her ailments, she searched for an active way to change her biology and enhance her life. That's when she discovered yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, Ayurveda and energy medicine.

Michelle is known for creating a new life for her students; whether the birth of a human being or a new path for a more vibrant, fulfilling life. She has trained with some of the most successful thought leaders and healers in today's world and has effectively reclaimed her health. In fact, in 2009 Michelle delivered her third child (something multiple doctors told her was impossible). Now her mission is to help others achieve the life of their dreams.

Working with Firefighters in Southern California, she realized that the true path to a joy filled life is the balance of the mind, body and breath. If the breath is shallow, the body will be agitated. If the body is agitated, then there goes the mind. This works in the opposite direction as well.

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