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Not only a writer, but a reader for decades, most of my reading is older books, from old favorites mentioned below in my profile as influences on me as a writer.

About Me

Matt Ransom, aka author Bobby Underwood, is a prolific writer who writes across genres, from crime and mystery, to old-fashioned noir, to ethereal and old-fashioned romantic fantasy, to westerns and light science fiction. His touching romantic fantasy novellas and tender short stories are stand-alone entries, while his detective and crime novels are tied together so that they are best read in sequence. His influences are Elizabeth Linington, John D. MacDonald, Fletcher Flora, Jack Williamson, Robert Nathan, Zane Grey, Cornell Woolrich and Tony Hillerman, to name a few. His series include:

Romantic Noir: Holly, FANDANGO, Costa del Sol, Pink Sangría, Softer Than Rain, Down Mexico Way

Seth Halliday: The Turquoise Shroud, The Long Gray Goodbye, Eight Blonde Dolls, A Candy Red Christmas, Blue Spanish Sky

Matt Ransom: The Velvet Sea, A Matt Ransom Halloween, The Tender Shore, The Gentle Tide, A Matt Ransom Thanksgiving, The Lovely Harbor, The Sandy Shore, The Beautiful Island, The Sensual Sea, A Matt Ransom Christmas, The Sapphire Sea, The Dreamless Sea, Crazy Rhythm, The Black Dahlia, Just Beyond Love, and The Romantic Shore (series finale).

Noir Shots: Dangerous Crossing, One Good Thing, Where the Busses Don't Run, Not Dark Yet, Angel in the Rain, Glass Alibi, Carousel, Hornet's Nest, You Were Wonderful, She Always Loved the Sea, State Route 43, World Full of Dreams, If I Should Die Before You Wake, Hurricane, The Leafy Glade

Nostalgia Crime: Beautiful Detour, Where Flamingos Fly, Nightside

The Wild Country Trilogy: The Wild Country, The Trail to Santa Rosa, Whisper Valley -- Related Short Stories: Where the Grass Grows Green, Colton County, A Wild Country Christmas

Spicy Pulp Stories: Havana, Running Hot, Lucky Penny -- Collection of all three in paperback: Too Hot to Handle

The Teagan & Allesandro Adventures: The Amalfi Caper

Sheriff Jace Wilkinson: The Idaho Affairs

His Non-Series stories include: Winsome Creek, Atelier, Beyond Heaven's Reach, Chance at Heaven, Passage to Tomorrow, I Died Twice, Grover's Creek, White Lace & Promises, Euphoria, and Saturday's Children. His gathered Collections include: Outward Bound: Hope & Light (Late to Prom, Joy Island, Summer Picnic, and Atelier), Escapade (FANDANGO, Costa del Sol, Juggernaut, and Pink Sangría), Lonely Street (Night Run, City of Angels, Gypsy Summer, Requiem, Christmas Eve, Night Cry), Getaway (Holly, Down Mexico Way, and Softer Than Rain), Jeopardy (You Were Wonderful, She Always Loved the Sea, and Hornet's Nest), Too Hot to Handle (Havana, Running Hot, and Lucky Penny), Silver Screen Dreams (Beautiful Detour, Where Flamingos Fly, and Nightside), Lovers' Tide (Holly, Joy Island, Galveston, and Surfer Girl), The Unlocked Window (Dark Corridor, Slow Hot Wind, No Holiday From Murder, Johnny's Girl, I Won't Forget You, The Day Kathy Died, Glass Alibi, Voodoo Road, and The Unlocked Window), Silhouettes (Dangerous Crossing, One Good Thing, Where the Busses Don't Run, and Not Dark Yet), Peril in the Rain (Glass Alibi, Angel in the Rain, and Carousel), Matt Ransom: The Early Years (The Velvet Sea, The Tender Shore, and The Gentle Tide), Matt Ransom: Harbors & Shores (The Lovely Harbor and The Sandy Shore), Matt Ransom: Winter Surprises (The Sensual Sea and A Matt Ransom Christmas), Seth Halliday: Double Shot (The Turquoise Shroud and The Long Gray Goodbye), Seth Halliday: Candy Colored Dreams (Eight Blonde Dolls and A Candy Red Christmas), Trouble in the Wind: (World Full of Dreams, If I Should Die Before You Wake, Hurricane, The Leafy Glade, Dark Corridor), Ghost Rider: The Wyn Witcomb Saga (The Wild Country, The Trail to Santa Rosay, Whisper Valley)

Writing independently gives him the freedom to tell the kind of stories he wants to tell, and that readers fed up with the overhyped, forgettable and often disgusting stuff churned out in the mainstream are searching for. Every good star-rating or nice review is the fuel that keeps him writing, and bringing these stories to you. He believes the ability he has to craft a tale that resonates with readers is a God-given gift, not to be wasted.

He has always viewed himself as a storyteller. His hope is that each reader will be touched and moved by something within the pages of his stories, while also being entertained. If they are, then he has been able to share a part of himself with the reader. He believes that creating that connection between writer and reader allows each to know the other a bit better. And in the end, that’s really all a writer can ask or hope.

Before embarking on his career as a writer he was a Top 50 Reviewer on Amazon in the US, and his classic film reviews for Mrs. Miniver, and The Bishop's Wife were quoted in the Saturday Evening Post of Nov/Dec 2006.

You can view the paperbacks in his extensive canon at this link -- --- His Kindle Covers at this link --


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