Oct 31, 2013
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Grand Canyon Press grew out of my love of literature, particularly literature from the West. I've always enjoyed the classics of the region, from books and journals written by ecologically aware conservationists like John Muir, John Wesley Powell, and Wallace Stegner to adventurers like the intrepid Isabella Bird, whose travel memoir A Woman's Ride Across the Rocky Mountains, recounts her horseback journey from Truckee, California to the mountains of Colorado.

As far as contemporary works are concerned, I hope the new books we're publishing reflect the vibrant literary culture of the region.

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Grand Canyon Press is a boutique press featuring new editions of classic works about the West and new fiction and nonfiction by authors writing about the landscape and people of the West. I am the editor and publisher, and, as a writer myself, I know how good it feels to open that first box of books and see your manuscript magically transformed into print.

Marylee MacDonald

Phoenix, Arizona
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