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I love anything Sci Fi or Fantasy. I’m also a huge Terry Pratchett fan and Trekkie. I adore books with a good sense of humor and can’t resist a strong female heroine. I read anything from hard Sci Fi to dark or whimsical worlds of magic. I have a weakness for strong LGBTQ characters that are given depth and interesting plot lines. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart, so I can’t tear myself away a story with a good romance. I’m an adult, but I firmly maintain that I will still enjoy great kids and YA books when I’m 80. (There is no age where I wouldn’t love the His Dark Materials Trilogy, A Wrinkle in Time, the Wee Free Men, or A Series of Unfortunate Events.) 

For better or for worse, I’m almost pathologically incapable of not finishing a book once I’ve started reading it. I have an opinion about practically everything, so I do a lot of reviews. I mainly read on a kindle, but I love a good hard copy too. 

I review on GoodReads, Amazon, BookBub, Barnes & Noble, NetGalley, and BookSirens.

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