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Apr 30, 2024
About Me

I'm a devoted writer as well as an avid reader, and have been for most of my life! I write every single day, mostly fantasy with romance storylines, though I play with other genres, and sometimes poetry. As a reader I most enjoy speculative fiction, as well as romances, and (often but not always) happy queer stories, as well as a wide range of nonfiction.

Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, and Terry Pratchett are some of my favourite fiction authors; J. Sheridan Le Fanu is my favourite historical lit author (and for horror in general; it's not generally my genre). Nonfiction it's harder to have favourites when you read many topics! For a broad-scope layman's view, I enjoy Mary Roach.

I'm also a generally crafty person, and enjoy cooking and baking (and creating my own recipes). I subsist on tea, of a wide variety, and firmly believe Tea Makes Everything Better! I'm a musician as well, and I love a wide variety of musical genres (J-Rock, steampunk, and folk being some of my favourites; Acid Black Cherry is my favourite artist) and am constantly listening to something or other while I go about my day.

I adore animals of all kinds (and have worked in several jobs and/or volunteer capacities with them), particularly cats; currently I have two cats of my own - one is an excellent book-lover's kitty, fond of curling up and purring on my ankles as I write or read, the other is still a baby, so we'll see how he grows up!

You can also find me on Storygraph!

Oklahoma, USA
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