the main character (2), yes (2), Ohio (2), ironic (2), his relationship with his ex-wife and daughter. Great writing and so informative...and scary. (2), quotes (2), etc. (2), but also her observations on life strike me as pertinent and thoughtful. Her 70th year is a positive one (2), family (1), an orphan joins her family. During the awful slaughter of the local people by Korean police (1), Young-Sook's husband and son are killed and she feels Mi-ja could have saved them. She could never forgive her until the very end. Not wonderful writing (1), under American supervision (1), to put down rebels (1), a Korean island (1), Mi-ja (1), now a tourist spot. Young-Sook joined her mother in diving for sea animals to sell for income. Her best friend (1), Didn't expect too much of this book (1), about the life of a woman on JeJu (1), but I'm glad I got back at it. A long book (1), Almost stopped reading after a quarter of the way (1), wise. (1), ML King. Enriching (1), others famous people; Gandhi (1), but the story is engrossing and the author did an incredible amount of research to make the dialogue and lives of these people believable. I learned a lot. (1), push through the hard times (1), but not just another how-to book. Gilbert is funny (1), tried too hard with detailing all the stock characters--what they wore (1), was an especially good character with her little sayings (1), then in the next chapter we backtrack and have a second story. But it works. I liked her writing so well that I read a quarter of the book over again. I need to read more by this author. The mother (1), I don't usually like books like this where something happens (1), but just didn't ring true. "The Yellow House" said it a whole lot better. (1), we hear these stories all the time. Injustice (1), owned and thought... And ended badly as you would suspect. Preachiness wasn't necessary (1), the white girl whose step-father wants to "take" her. Told from point of view of a neighbor. Way too pat (1), convincing and gives a lot of sound advice on living creatively. One idea that stuck with me: creative ideas come along and you might or might not pay attention. If you don't (1), the biracial boy loves Juniper (1), I agreed with the ones who panned the book. About racial relations with environment thrown in. Xavier (1), Just read some reviews and despite most high ratings (1), be content. Attitude is everything. (1), Second time through (1), Lots of lessons from the very old. This reporter thought he would help them deal with hard things--just the opposite. He learned a lot about how to deal with life in a much better way. Connect with people (1), they go on to someone else. Great encouragement to get busy and find where our curiosity leads and do those things that inspire us. (1), read in bed. Really enjoyed his stories of his each of the mentors affected his life. Many were authors: Dillard (1), the reading became more compelling. there were so many similarities to today's pandemic. Such a terrible time (1), newspapers ignored it. Millions died. Excellent afterword which applies to today on how to deal with a pandemic (not followed in US for the most part). Scary but a valuable read. (1), Hadn't read Berg for awhile (1), some that didn't resonate. Dramatic: race (1), good and bad in the family. She applies great theologians wisdom to her life. Ended up the president of Union Theological Seminary. Some very helpful chapters (1), Recommended by Janie from her book group. The story of a woman from Oklahoma (1), I read the chapters that coincided with our A New History of the American South lectures. Lots of detail but well-written. Gives you a better understanding of the global impact of the cotton trade. (1), Excellent writing and ingenious way of dividing the plot into chapters of different areas and people to bring the story along. Hard to read but "a powerful meditation on the history we all share". The Underground Railroad was an actually rail in a tunnel. (1), felt some of her books were a bit trite. But I picked this one up and really enjoyed it. Real life women who get together to make confessions to each other. Lots of things I could identify with. (1), power allowed him to do what he always wanted to do--the Civil Rights Law to help the students he had back in the Hill Country of Texas. Good incentive to read one of his Johnson books. (1), I sort of like it. (1), and Lyndon Johnson (1), power made him ruthless (1), Really interesting how Caro does his research and writing. The two examples were stories of Robert Moses (1), etc. in all the towns he went through. I esp. appreciated his thoughtful pondering about what he believed (raised Catholic). (1), etc. I got a little weary of the descriptions of each historical site of a saint or church (1), Good writer. Had to push myself through but glad I read it. Good story of Egan's walk to Rome and all the adventures (1), class. Sherwin really liked (1), It took me a long time to get to it (1), esp. in Philadelphia which held a huge parade as the virus was taking hold. The author follows the scientists desperately trying to find a vaccine or ways to alleviate the effects. Nothing worked. The political leadership kept playing it down afraid of th (1), heavy with Native American words from her tribe. Many short chapters and another new characters. (1), bodies everywhere (1), with family problems (1), but I'm so glad I persisted. After the first section on the science of influenza (1), I had to push myself into the book (1), lots of designing clothes which I found interesting. (1), A good summer read. Pretty predictable but did have surprises at the end. I did get into it and I followed Caroline to her marriage with Will--which you knew would happen after the first chapter. She set up "sewing circle" as a support group for abused wo (1), injustice by the government (1), but really glad I read it. The story of Michelle's life and family (1), but I quit after the first 75 pages or so. I could see where it was headed (1), She's a good writer (1), etc. Impressive people. (1), to help others progress in life by good governing (1), family oriented. I could see what their goals were in life (1), a life as First Lady. Ambitious woman (1), marrying Barak Obama (1), "Needs must" for example. The story goes from WWI until the 70's (1), We heard about this book from Rachel. She's a Calvin prof (1), etc. The author knows how to says just what she has to (1), but the writing is so engaging (1), but scary and a little unbelievable that they make it. Unusual plot (1), but then the 10 year old takes his 5 year old sister and leaves to take the trail to Echo Canyon. They make it (1), great writing about the growing distance between the parents. A little slow in the middle (1), A mother and father with his son and her daughter head from New York to Arizona to do sound recording (father) and research on the lost children of refugees (mother). Details about day to day travel (1), it's a book I'll remember for sure! (1), characterizations so apt (1), so Frances and her mother could make ends meet. That's all I'll reveal (1), Gossipy long-winded (1), I had to stop after a few pages. But I had to keep going. A husband and wife moved into to the rooms upstairs (1), What a book! Not sure if Rachel left it here or I bought it used. What seemed to be a nice Barbara Pym type story turned out to be so gripping and tense (1), no privacy. Some parts kind of wordy but she makes her point. How can I build a better world??? (1), else no sewers (1), pay toilets (1), making a big difference in very hopeless seeming area. One example (1), "subtly hilarious" and lots of wise observations. A bit tedious at times. (1), but her chatty way keeps you going. Way too long (1), Second time through in large print that I'm bringing to Rita A good story of a backward woman with autistic tendencies gradually coming out of her shell. Very well written. (1), Lila. Lila ends up in her family's shoe making business. The author goes to school (1), moved in next door and pretty much changes eudora's staid life. She begins to enjoy life again. In the end she dies of heart issues with all those she loves around here. Feel good story although the story of Eudora's life is pretty sad. (1), Just a fun easy book but at the same time discusses end of life decisions. Eudora wants to do planned suicide. Rose (1), hard to read at times with all the violence that happens along the way as Lydia and Luca flee Acapulco after their family is gunned down by the cartel. A perilous journey with lots of close calls. Page turner and very believable to me. Great writing and a (1), Lots of controversy around this book since she is not a native Mexican writer. But I thought it was a great book (1), etc. I read about 2/3 and scanned the rest. (1), but Lila is so smart she helps the author with her languages (1), I know it's well liked but not for me. Too many characters and I didn't feel like writing them all down to keep them apart. Just couldn't get into it. A young girl in Naples admires her friend (1), needed a lot of editing. In the last chapter (1), but can turn on a dime and be so warm and caring. She dumps those old friends including her father when they don't get her where she's headed. (1), nasty to her staff (1), and incredibly she thinks she'll be president one day! She made no attempt to fit into the royal family's way of doing things (1), sidetracks to stories of other royalty's problems. Meghan is portrayed as a super ambitious person with immense self-confidence. Harry is her route to A-list in Hollywood (1), word missing. She's part of the royal family (1), whole long paragraphs appeared two times. I also found other errors (1), Janie rcommended this. Lots of inspiring stories of people in third-world countries (1), Intriguing book. I even copied some pages to send to Dennis regarding asthma. The NYT Magazine just had an article on one of the characters in the book. Written by a journalist who traveled the world to consult with breathing experts to help him with his (1), no spare words (1), One of those memoirs that is hard to read but it kept me going to see how the kids turned out. Both parents had major mental problems (1), after all the abuse and neglect. (1), but he had to deal with his father's constant appearances or calls telling him how worthless he was. Four children--they all did well in the end amazingly (1), to succeed is amazing (1), of course. His determination to go to school (1), the mother weepy and pitiful. It took until David was in this 50's before he could stop feeling guilt that his parents put on him unfairly (1), the father mean and vicious and a killer (1), abusers were protected. And now we have Trump. Irreparable damage to the cause of "they kingdom come". (1), a town of light-skinned Black people. Both sisters left for New Orleans (1), no wimpy men like Jesus. John Wayne and the strong cowboy/military type. I almost cried reading the last chapters about all the sexual abuse among the highest levels in the evangelical world for years. The victim became the victim (1), white men dominance (1), at Notre Dame when Rachel was. Sad story of the evangelicals that grew into Trump's base today. White supremacy (1), A woman who escaped Vietnam with her family (barely escaped being killed as a baby because she was partially blind) (1), wry and funny at times. (1), short sections usually (1), Always appreciate a well-written novel. This is the story of twins who grew up in Mallard (1), one passed for white and married a white man (1), but not a 5 star. (1), A reporter's story of how he followed the sage of the separations of children from their parents when they surrendered to Border Patrol at the border. Throughout the book he tells about Juan the father (1), too obvious. Hard to describe (1), I could never get past the author trying to make it an engaging story. I couldn't identify with the characters (1), Good plot and believable story of the taster for Hitler in the Berghof hideaway. Unfortunately (1), so many acronyms that it was a bit hard to follow. The last chapter was especially good. (1), but the trauma of separation is long-lasting. Horrible to think that was an actual policy to deter more migrants. The book has a lot of detail of actions among the many agencies involved (1), and the son Jose who are separated for four months. Good ending for them at least (1), I read this in a large print book which in a way made it more accessible. What a story! I knew how it ended but learned a lot. Larson did a great job making this into an engrossing story with a lot of suspense. Churchill's family play a big part as well a (1), had a daughter. The other stayed in Mallard and ran a cafe after she had left for New York (1), is misunderstood but the conscience of the family. (1), the youngest of four (1), perfect on the outside. Pearl and Mia move in and model a different way of living. Issy (1), I enjoyed the story of a Shaker (1), you know the sad ending at the beginning of the story. You know it's going to end badly. That said (1), I saw this on the bestseller list for a long time. Good story. As seems typical now days (1), married and had a blue-black daughter and left after a lot a abuse from her husband. The "white" sister hid her secret and she was never really herself or happy. A lot of moving parts which I had to think a bit about who was who. Good story. (1), came to US. Brilliant Harvard-educated lawyer got Stage 4 cancer at 38. The book is her way of thinking through her life and death. (1), Jane recommended this book. Had to keep a file card nearby to keep track of names. Edge of the seat reading even though I knew how it ended (1), and her memoir gives a view of what it's like to work undercover for the CIA in the most dangerous parts of the world. Even took her baby along! Glad she retired after 10 years to raise her child. Four stars for the clever plot. (1), Varied essays. Enjoyed his other books a lot more. Seems the publisher needed another book so they mined the files. (1), about trying to get pregnant in unusual ways...also told by her husband (1), the relationship with his wife and children. (1), Memoir of a man in a white-collar prison which was previously a leper colony. A few people remain and he became friends with them. Tells of his fraud which landed him in prison (1), Carly's memoir. We heard her since once with Ben and Suzanne on Martha's Vineyard. Pretty messy story. I watched recent interviews on YouTube. Looks like her kids sing with her and seem pretty normal. (1), and "the forces that threaten to tear them apart." (1), About a woman in Nigeria and her marriage (1), broken families and resulting effects on the children as they become adults. (1), Listened to this on the way to Arizona. Wonderful writer and gripping story. (1), Book Club pick. Not a happy book (1), Discussed by Presbyterian churches. Eye-opening. (1), Reread at bedtime. Well worth a second read. (1), wrenching. (1), and parents in the wave. She tells of her years of dealing with grief. Great writing (1), two young sons (1), Fun book to read. Quite the characters. (1), A bit repetitive but interesting insights into the Prince's character and personality. (1), she articulates thoughts that you have and puts them into perspective. (1), The story of how Comey came to the FBI (1), Quite a story of this man's childhood in rural Virginia (1), A little wordy and a bit much on the history. But a compelling message about what tourism does to the popular tourist sites. Not a happy book. (1), Great writer. Read like a memoir of an 11 year old boy on his way from Columbo to England to meet his mother. He and three other boys have many adventures on the ship ending in an event that brings them all together. Flash forward to his adult life and in (1), Listened to this book on our drive from AZ to WI. Edge of our seats. One drama after the other in this large Mormon family with a dictator/ultra-strict father. Amazing story of her childhood and trying to survive as an adult after living in an alternate u (1), his firing with a chilling portrait of the president. (1), his tenure there (1), Some good parts. A bit wordy and not much new. (1), A must read by a 35-year-old woman with Stage 4 cancer: her spiritual walk and work with prosperity gospel as a researcher. Helpful info on what to say (1), 30 years on death row as an innocent man in Alabama. (1), Got it for Christmas at my request--one of 100 best books in NY Times. A bit of a slog in parts and a bit repetitive. I found the last third a lot easier and enjoyable reading the the first part. I learned a lot. (1), it has a lot to say about society. (1), Read for an OV library class with Barbara Gates. Worth the read; some parts got slow but having the class as incentive and with the discussion points (1), Another must read. A novel about a man with ALS as the disease progresses (1), what not to say to ill people. (1), Incredible story of the woman who survived the tsunami and lost her husband (1), Another bedtime reading book. Should read this one before reading the journals. Beautiful essays on life and people in Nelson. Fleshes out some of the people that appear in her journals. As always (1), original effective writing. (1), fatigue (1), Yes (1), Nouwen (1), inspiring (1), programs (1), intense (1), National Lampoon (1), arrogant (1), next door (1), Chesterton (1), Sylvia (1), adopted (1), 10 (1), gender (1), deaths (1), Buechner (1), a very good read. (1), etc. interspersed with the story of a marriage. The husband betrays the wife with an affair with a younger woman. The wife's reaction and attempts to hold the marriage together keep you reading. Fun read. (1), needed a good edit. We didn't need to know his every thought and reasoning. Informative about how difficult it is to live well in a biracial situation without assuming white superiority. (1), short paragraphs of philosophy and science (1), had 3 children and was able to see Father Joe shortly before he died. Then he learned that Father Joe had "best friended" hundreds during his life and each thought they were the only one. (1), went back to his second marriage (1), he returned (1), etc. but finally saw how enervating it was to him. Each visit to Father Joe helped him to see his life in perspective. After leaving the faith for years (1), Tony met Father Joe as a teenager and came back to his monastery many times during his life. Tony made it big in the world of satire (1), Chris and Spencer work at Voice of Calvary ministry in Mississippi and decide to live communally with a racial mixed group. A bit ponderous (1), Scanned (1), Touching stories of Rehoboth and the history of the school and hospital. (1), esp. Toni Morrison. (1), Unique style (1), live in the present (1), Willa (1), mostly (1), blisters (1), his crazy life and then making it as a writer with a wife and 3 sons. Written in the second person (1), Pretty good novel about a young boy growing up in Minnesota. Four deaths in his community including his sister. His father is a pastor and the story revolves around their family. A bit predictable but kept me going with a surprise ending (which I guessed. (1), but always things you can identify with. (1), Olive is now elderly (1), Ei-ling's husband was a high-ranking official. She and her sons raked up millions from the national treasury. Yet she was very wise in guiding the family and politicians. Ching-ling turned Communist and was an advisor to Mao which she later seemed to regr (1), a book that stays in my memory. Three Sister who had a huge influence on Chinese politics during a crucial time. Big Sister (1), What a story by the author of Wild Swans (1), tells it straight. Speaks of family relationships. Yes (1), then Jack dies. She ends up in a care facility. Lots of characters in previous books reappear (although I didn't remember them). Good read. Kind of dark but quite a few of her thoughts struck home as she thinks about death and end of life. She's blunt but (1), married for the second time (1), the great changes he made working through tragedies in his life. Well worth reading. (1), later became the wife of Chiang (1), and her journey to rebuilt her life after Boyfriend. Told the stories of four of her patients. I remember especially John (1), Roya is growing up in Tehran (1), she was shunned and they would not accept her child at all. Well written and so hard to read about the evils done to women. (1), part Indian (1), etc. ends up befriending her and in the end they are "friends" and more. The author really gets into her head to give her reactions to people in an honest but too honest way. A best seller that you don't feel you wasted the time reading. (1), a guy she criticizes for appearance (1), a corrupt politician (1), a compromised marriage (1), Her story of her early life and especially dealing with her young son's long illness and death and then her husband's sudden accidental death. She includes her understandings from the Dead Sea scrolls about which she has written. The Gospel of Thomas espe (1), a mystery. Ellie is kidnapped and held in a basement (1), Love Anne Lamott. Makes you laugh and cry with her zany stories (1), women can vote! Tennessee was the last state that had a chance to ratify the 19th amendment. Women worked so very long and hard to make it happen--years and life times. And the anti's worked just as hard! Amazing. (1), abuse (1), The book moves fast (1), the main character dates the baby's "father" and finds out in the end that Poppy is really her missing child's daughter. Good read if you suspend belief just a bit. (1), inseminated and had a baby. Laurel (1), Not what I expected. Turned into a scary book (1), and they ended up in Taiwan. All three managed to live in great style and ease (1), etc. for cathedrals. Kept me reading and ends happily. (1), leaves her needy mother to pursue her own life. Sort of self-concisously inserting current mores into that era. Interesting parts about bell ringers and women who embroider the kneelers (1), she has a baby by an older man (1), not great literature... Single woman in England between wars. She's friends with two lesbians (1), Pretty good writing (1), Read beginning and end. Very aware of the author figuring out the stories. Tried too hard to be trendy. (1), all went to school in the US after their father was trained as a minister by the Southern Methodists. Fascinating story with all the gossipy tidbits included. (1), Best seller and deservedly so. A good read about a woman abused as a child and her attempting to fit into her world. Raymond (1), The story of gay men during the beginning of the AIDS crisis alternating with present day. One of top ten NY Times books. Well written but some parts hard to accept--most of the men were promiscuous as a life style. Memorable. (1), Bedtime reading. I like this journal; she's more at peace with herself except for answering the tons of letters that arrive every day. Always enjoy reading her journals (1), but Joe Kennedy put the kabash on--she was Jewish. Long story about Alicia and her high living. I got a little tired of the author trying to use the slangy 50's language of celebrities. She made some leaps but Alicia was a real person and quite likely had (1), tries to hold everything together. I found the book a bit ponderous with the current liberal agenda (with which I agree) but Overstory did a better job of making the point obliquely. Just a little self-conscious and I never lost sight of Barbara K behind (1), who is focused on plants and discovering more about ecology. His marriage with Rose is pretty superficial. He loses his job and marriage in the end. The contemporary family moved into the house but it was in bad shape and ended up being torn down. Iano is (1), Thatcher is a science teacher trying to convince his superior that the students should learn about Darwin. He's good friends of Mary (1), The story of two families living in a house (1), but I really enjoyed the book. (1), The first part seemed a little long (1), Kept me reading. About the woman who was engaged to JFK before Jackie (1), but just not a 5 star novel. (1), there will be no change. He sees foreign aid a detriment. Good writing and I appreciate his philosophizing as he goes. (1), he decides that will be enough. Until the leaders who receive billions a year from natural resources begin to care for their people or the people revolt (1), I'll be sad then Paul Theroux doesn't write travel books any more. This one comes after Dark Star Safari with Paul traveling from Cape Town through Namibia and into Angola. After seeing that each large city is so poor surrounded by desolate slums (1), drug areas. Enjoyable reading. Not as good as Pau Theroux but a good travel writer with thoughtful observations of what he's experiencing. (1), through dangerous areas of smugglers (1), incredible--going through jungle (1), clever and lengthy conversations with current slang (1), This novel stays with you; some of the images continue to stick in my mind. A bit mystical at times and a hard to keep all the people and their stories separate. But he makes keen observations and knows so much about many things. He had an agenda but it's (1), but a little wordy. She speaks of gettiing older and as usual is very honest about her thoughts and reactions to people and politics. (1), Birthday gift from Lori. Seems to be self-published. Quite a story to tell (1), Not as good as the other Lamott books. Still has the quirky way that makes the point (1), moved to England and worked hard to be English. They took in 12 Jewish children from Germany before the war. Quite a good read and interesting to get inside the lives and times of Win and Bernard. (1), Buruma had the letters that his Jewish grandparents exchanged before their marriage and during WW II. He used extensive quotes while he told and commented on their life story. They were from Germany (1), sometimes needs editing when it gets too flowery and obvious. (1), probably put together from other writings. A bit amateur but pretty good writing (1), stroke in her 50's. In disjointed little essays (1), A policeman in New Orleans works to take down a confederate statue. He ran into many obstacles and controvery. (1), Lots of good ideas for living a healthy life. Worth the read. (1), the president of the Confederacy. Kind of interesting but a bit hard to follow the plot. (1), Not my favorite. Varina was married to Jefferson Davis (1), Learned a lot about the early years of black children attending segregated schools. Hard to believe how they were treated but they did it for the children following them. Their black friends often didn't agree so they were really alone. (1), so it was hard to feel for the characters despite their dire circumstances. (1), A true story but I didn't think it was well written (1), too. He notices everything. Sometimes he tells more than you want to know. (1), Unique type of memoir. Ironic and funny and sad (1), Incredible story of survival by a Jew in Nazi Germany. The daughter did an amazing job researching her father's story with just few stories from him and a short memoir. She pieced together her grandparents stories as well as her father and uncle. Slow beg (1)
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