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It's varied, I'll give it that much!
My Library - read & on my shelves
Wishlist - books I fancy reading, but don't own.
To Read - Books I own & haven't read (or, possibly, haven't read to review)
Read but not owned - like it says...
Favourites - those I'd go back to in an instant
Abandoned - those (very few) books that I simply couldn't finish.

I usually rate in whole stars, based on the following guidelines.
***** - Awesome, epic, lifechanging, magic.
**** - Really liked
*** - Liked
** - Meh. Didn't like, but didn't positively dislike
* - disliked.
half a star for those I really disliked. If anything given this few escapes the recycling I would be surprised.
About Me
I'll read almost anything. As a child I "ran out of books" so started on the dictionary -it's been a while since I've had that as a problem. I write reviews as much to remind me what I thought as for anyone else, so they don't always make sense. >:-)

Unlike some, I'm not too bothered about making sure that I accurately record the exact nature of the book read - I want to record those books I've read & as long as the title, author & cover look right, it'll be close enough.

For 2021 I'll be setting up home here:
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