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Sep 29, 2007
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Graham Mathias
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The scary thing about this list is how big my "To Be Read" pile is - about 20 years' worth at the speed I read. Not all these books are still on the shelf; the list tries to capture everything I've read, even if it has then gone to the charity shop, as well as what I have on the shelves to read. The biases are towards the USA, literary fiction, crime, politics, science fiction and cricket.
About Me
Born, raised and resident in north London, I'm the holder of an undergraduate degree in American Studies, which explains the bias of my library.

I was for 17 years a wage slave in the Head Office of the corporate behemoth that is Tesco, the UK supermarket where every little helps, apparently. I decided they'd had enough help from me and in September 2010 returned to college to study for an MSc in Library Science at City University London. I knew I'd picked the right course when I discovered that my professors were also on Library Thing!

I live with my wife, stepdaughter, cat and groaning bookshelves and a similarly large number of CDs, rueing the day the latter turned into silver beermats. I also follow cricket (Middlesex are my team), go to gigs, theatre and cinema as much as my bank balance will allow, kid myself I'm a wine connoisseur rather than a drunk and spend the gaps between London book shop visits in the city's art galleries and museums.
Enfield, Middlesex
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