Sep 28, 2006
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Zoe Cannon
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I read lots. I record it all here.

My rating system:
5 stars - This was an exceptional book, or fit my interests perfectly.
4 stars - This was a solidly good book. I got what I expected to get from it, and I'm glad I read it.
3 stars - This book was meh. I didn't dislike it, exactly, but it didn't really catch my interest either.
2 stars - I didn't like this book.
1 star - Something about this book really bothered me, whether it was the writing quality or the plot or something else.
unrated - This is a book it wouldn't make sense to rate (reference book, religious text, etc.) or my feelings about it were too conflicted for me to give it a rating.
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Books made me who I am. I read them and I write them. I have a special love for YA fiction, and published my YA dystopian novel THE TORTURER'S DAUGHTER in October 2012.
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