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Feb 1, 2023
Sobre Minha Biblioteca

As a reader, I mostly read history, classics, and literary fiction, with some politics thrown in for good measure. As a book owner, I like to collect difficult-to-find LGBT, Yiddish, and women's literature and history, usually around class lines. I've recently become more serious about ARC book reviewing, so hello if you found me through those!

The books on this account are only the books I've collected in the past year and a half! I've got a thousand or two back in a Nebraskan storage unit :( Pray for them

About Me

Hi there! I'm a graduate student (MLIS/MAS) currently making my way through grad school, work, and life. I finished up my bachelor's in Art History and Classics a year ago and am just re-finding that love amidst professional and graduate life. For fun, I am a hobby writer and art photographer, with a few publications in both. I currently work random library, archival, and records management contract jobs, usually around the visual arts. I love books and old things! You probably do too ❤️

Vancouver, BC
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