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Aug 20, 2022
Real Name
Dr. Donna R. Devlin
Sobre Minha Biblioteca

Growing up in a rural space, one of my favorite things to do was read. My mother would take us to the library - 30 miles away from home - about every two weeks. Because we lived so far away, the library would allow us to check out more than the typical allowable number of books. At recess I would typically read; I read all summer; and always carried at least one book with me wherever I went. So it is no surprise, that I am an avid book collector.

My collection has been growing since about 1992, when I graduated college with my first degree. It contains many antiquarian books and a lot of nonfiction, particularly history, but also works related to cooking and crafting. I love used book stores and new book stores and Amazon, where I can always find the rarer books I need. I also have acquired many books from local auctions, including a huge collection of old Life magazines, which I have yet to catalogue. Additionally, I have hundreds of fictional works that I am still working to add to my collection.

About Me

I am an assistant professor of American History and Government at Sterling College in Kansas. I also serve as an Honored Visiting Graduate Professor at Ashland University in Ohio. I specialize in 19th century American legal history, Great Plains/West, and Women's Studies, and my research examines the history of sexual violence and coercion in the central Great Plains, most particularly in the late nineteenth century.

Prior to entering higher education, I worked in the public school education system in Kansas teaching 7-12 social studies and remain certified to teach grades 6-12 social studies and language arts. I earned my undergraduate degrees at Fort Hays State University in Kansas, my Master of American History and Government at Ashland University in Ohio in 2012, and my PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2023.

I grew up on a farm in northcentral Kansas, married a farmer, and we have two grown daughters of whom we are very proud. Having spent roughly 45 years on the farm, but working in academia, I have a very unique perspective of rural America. This factors into my daily life as well as my research and teaching methods. The world is a beautiful place and we, as its stewards, have much to learn about each other and how to develop that beauty allowing all to partake in God's goodness.

Lyons, KS