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Aug 20, 2006
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
For years, I have maintained a long list of books that I would most like to have handy for research and reference purposes. Currently I own only about 5,000 of the 15,000 books on my list. I would love to email an Excel list of the other 10,000 books to used book dealers who can quote me good prices (no more than half of the retail price) on the books that I still want to buy. If you know book dealers who provide such a quote service, would you please email Thanks.

Eventually, I hope to have my 15,000 favorite books in the palm of my hand. I would like to buy (once costs come down) or rent a high speed scanner like the one described at Then a room full of books can be be reduced to a DVD full of PDF files. Once all books have been scanned to a DVD, I plan to give away or sell all of my hard copy books (depending on what the copyright laws allow).
About Me
I love books regarding the Biblical worldview. When Christian writers take different positions, I look to the deep Scriptural reasoning of classic covenant theologians to resolve differences. Writings based on covenant theology help me separate good, better, and best theological teaching. I value the insights provided by Augustine, Calvin, the Westminster Divines, and the Puritans.

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