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Jeremy Marshall
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This is just a selection of my library, mainly from my working collection, plus some books which I don't actually own, but which used to form a small reference library on the shelf by my desk.

(My personal collection is catalogued under a different username: I'm not offering a prize to anyone who guesses which one!)
About Me
Many years ago, a student friend (now a published author, but regrettably not on LT) unexpectedly signed a letter as "Luthien". On the spur of the moment, I chose for my reply a Middle-earth pseudonym which I had always thought rather evocative (and I didn't want to start anything I might regret by replying as "Beren"!). Since achieving internet access in the early 1990s, I have been using it on the Tolkien List (formerly at Johns Hopkins University, now at Google Groups).

In real life I work as a freelance science editor for a historical dictionary project (yes, that one), and spend the rest of the time trying to keep two small children fed, clean, and happy. My latest production is the joint contribution of a chapter (with Edmund Weiner) to From Elvish to Klingon by Michael Adams.
Gloucestershire, UK
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Livrarias: Daedalus Books & Music - Columbia, Moss Books, Oxford University Press Bookshop, Second Edition Books - Columbia, The Last Word - Mt. Airy, MD

Bibliotecas: Bodleian Library, Cheltenham Library, Hesters Way Library, Howard County Library - Central Branch

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