Real Name
Lonnie Veal
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
I like Adventure/Exploration novels. Exploration to me means-- Go out There and Find things. Amazing things, Awesome things, Unexplainable things, Inexplicable things. . .Dangerous Things.
I want a chill down my spine. I want Unanswered Questions. I want to Wonder what might be on the other side.
I also like Horror-- but it has to be creative and deep-- like Lovecraft.
I like novels because I can dive into one for hours and hours. . .and there are no commercials!!!
yet still, I can settle for a good adventure romp-- nothing deep, just entertaining, or at least different.
About Me
I manage a Pediatrics Practice and fight the bureaucratic battles therein. At home I tend not to watch TV except for specific downloads and iTunes. I REFUSE to pay for Cable TV. And then I read. Grew up looking at the Kelly Freas covers of my Father's Analog magazines and the even more detailed covers of his sci-fi collection-- but always stopped when I couldn't find any pictures inside. That made me even more determined what the stories were about.