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I read fiction and non-fiction--and a lot of metaphysical. I love to study medieval history, especially involving that of women, midwives, and witches. I also enjoy horror. Nazi Germany also greatly interests me. I enjoy some fantasy, astronomy and paranormal studies. I also study the spiritual traditions around the world, although the greater interest would be in Pagan traditions. Botanical medicine is an ongoing study for me. Most people find the things I read about strange and unusual--nothing frightens me. No book is too dangerous to open...
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I have been reading books since I was a young child. I normally read a new book each week. I cannot imagine a life without books. A society without books or education is a society that suffers...
I prefer actual books, not e-books. I like the feel the weight of the book in my hands, the feel of turning the pages, the sound of turning the pages and opening or closing a book...and the wonderful smell, especially of older books.
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