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My library is an eclectic mix of books ranging from classics to current bestseller's, fiction and non-fiction. I recently parted with a number of books I knew I would never read again because my bookcases were packed to overflowing, so much so that one bookcase collapsed under the weight. Newly freed up space now means a place for new books. I love resellers, a great place to get new or used books at great prices. I'm currently in the process of listing all the books in my library, read and unread so reviews and ratings will be far and few between for awhile.
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I'm an insatiable reader hoping to be a published novel writer in my own right sometime in the near future. I'm a nature, wildlife, and cemetery photogtaphy as well as a former vet tech who now spends time rescuing stray, unwanted and abused animals. The study of ghosts, spirits, and hauntings is a passion of mine along with an occasional ghost hunt on perfect autumn evenings.
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