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Barton Downey
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At present I have roughly 3 000+ books and I may have to get a larger house soon. The concentration of books are history, military history (both land and naval) but with a smattering of literature (courtesy of Folio as well as some Everyman's Library. I also have a growing collection of Astronomical/Cosmological and Natural history books.
About Me
I read history (British Imperial and American Ante-bellum) at university (University of Western Ontario,Oxford, Queen's University at Kingston, University of Toronto;Saint Micheal's College).
I presently teach in a Life skills class room which I enjoy doing. In my past I have been an Infantry officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and worked in an emergency room.
Anyway I am a member of the Folio Society and enjoy ordering books from Amazon since there are no real bookstores (beyond Chapters) in the city in which I reside. Folio and Amazon give fix on getting books. Every time the book boxes arrive it is like Christmas morning.
I enjoy kyaking, hiking, off road cycling and three day eventing.
Sudbury, Ontario Canada
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