War and its effects (18), The effects of war (8), Exhibition catalogue (7), Nonviolence: philosophical underpinning (4), Anarchism: philosophical underpinnings (3), Poetry (3), Documentation of a nonviolent struggle (2), Francis of Assisi (2), war and its effects (2), Review of Simone Weil by Francine du Plessix Gray (1), (Children's book) The significance of selfless action (1), (For older children:illustrated)Futility and cost of war (1), (Children's book) (A broad understanding of prayer and spirituality (1), Contemporary Chinese; their thoughts and lives (1), Gandhi and nonviolence (1), (Children's fable) The superior power of gentle firmness over force (1), (Children's book) The effects of war: refugees (1), Stories of and from The catholic Worker (1), 20th century catholic history (1), The effects of war - Cowra (1), David (1), In Africa even the flies are happy (1), Journal of the Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission (1), School mazazine (1), Divorce & divorce law reform; nuclear weapons; proposed human rights bill; prisoners of conscience; pornography (1), McReavy (1), Rt. Rev. Mgr. (1), (textes choises pour classe de 4e) (1), (from Neolithic pottery to modern architecture) (1), (Bound articles from Japanese magazine Mizu-e) (1), Ananda K. (1), Catalogue of work in exhibition in Japan (in Japanese) (1), Catalogue of exhibition at Art Gallery of New South Wales (1), Catalogue for touring Exhibition in regional Victoria of indigenous and non-indigenous artists (1), Review of Iris Chang's book: The rape of Nanking: The forgotten holocaust of World War II (1), Anthology of peace and non-violent activists through history (1), Nonviolence: The evolution of the Community of the Ark (1), Conscientious objection (1), Sydney (1), Coomaraswamy (1), Meinrad (1), Leo XIII (1), Crane (1), Craighead (1), Effects of war (1), Meditations (1), Pope (1), Catalogue (1), Suzuki (1), J. E. (1), Political trials and the attempt to curtail liberty (1), The story of Raoul Wallenburg (1), Annual news from those living with the "poorest of the poor" on all the continents (1), Novel on effects of atomic bombing (1), History pre- and post- the dropping of the atomic bomb (1), Italian edition of 'A song for Nagasaki' (1), The effects of the atomic bomb (1), The effects of was (1), Prison system and alternatives (1), Church and Aboriginal people (1), Tributes to a loved visionary priest (1), Education of the poor (1), World War I (1), Japanese with English names of foods (1)
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May 8, 2017