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Sobre Minha Biblioteca

My genres of reading are dystopian fiction, fantasy fiction, young adult fiction, science fiction, romance, and horror fiction.

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I am a giant book lover. I started to read bigger books when I went to middle school. My friend mentioned a book to me and that's what got me started on books. I never really liked to read when I was in elementry. I would read here and there, but now I read books all the time. I first satrted on R.L stine. Now i'm into more actual scary books, like the ones by Stephen King.

This is out of context but, my gallary has so many snake pictures b/c i love snakes. We used to have a pet snake but, we had to give her to my older sister beacuse the person we used to buy frozen mice from doesn't sell in our area anymore and we can't spend $40 a month on mice for four of them.

The middle of the ocean.

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