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Jul 2, 2006
Real Name
Leigh Blackmore
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
My library is about evenly split between horror/supernatural material, and occult/esoteric material. The horror includes many limited and signed first editions, a complete run of Arkham House books with a large collection of Weird Tales magazines and hundreds of anthologies. The esoteric collection is broadranging and covers Western magic, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, Thelema, Wicca and many other occult subjects. There is also a collection of political books centred around Guy Debord, the Situationists and anarchism. Additionally there are sections devoted to William Burroughs/The Beats; Victoriana, in particular the Pre-Raphaelite painters esp. Dante Gabriel Rossetti; and Surrealism and the Avant-garde. Most books in my collection are for sale - at the right price - though trying to part me from my Arkham House collection will require a crowbar as well as substantial quantities of moolah. As at Feb 2009 all the horror material is listed, and I am making good progress cataloguing the occult material- but bear with me, there's a long way to go!
There are certain authors I had extensively at one time that are no longer in my collection. Sold all my Stephen Kings back in 1990 to finance a trip to the Lovecraft Centennial in Providence. Gave all my Tanith Lees, Kim Newmans, & Peter Straubs to friends who were more fanatical about them than I was. Sold all my Robert E. Howards to a similarly enthusiastic fellow, and sold my collections of rock books (David Bowie, Beatles - 100 + volumes) and Beckett criticism (100+ volumes).
A Note on tags: I use the tag "toad" to indicate a hardcover book without a dustjacket. Almost all my books are hardcover in d.j.(where possible - some are paperback originals) but I always try and upgrade - so 'toads' are books I want in better nick - usually old and rarish volumes that I will ultimately replace with jacketed copies.
My wishlist: I use, and my current books wishlist is there.
About Me
I am a writer, researcher, editor and occultist based in Wollongong, NSW Australia. I worked 25 years in the book trade and now run my own editorial business, Proof Perfect Editorial Services ( I hold a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Writing, Honours). I'm a passionate bibliophile verging on bibliomaniac. I formerly co-edited Terror Australis magazine and edited the anthology TERROR AUSTRALIS: BEST AUSTRALIAN HORROR (1993) and have been President of the Australian Horror Writers Association (I edited Midnight Echo issue 5 for them). I write horror stories and am looking for a publisher for my first collection of them (contact me if you want to publish my stuff!). I am an initiate of the Crowleyan magical organisation Ordo Templi Orientis and with my magical partner Margi Curtis co-facilitate MoonsKin, an eclectic coven based in Wollongong NSW. I run workshops on ceremonial magick including Qabalah, Thelemic magick, Enochian, the Golden Dawn etc. My extended family is the best thing in my life and the rather massive book collection I brought here now belongs to all of us! You think I've read all these books? You've gotta be kidding!My current book is a collection of weird poetry, Spores from Sharnoth and Other Madnesses, of which US journal Dead Reckonings) said: 'this remarkable little volume immediately places Blackmore as one of the leading weird poets of our time". You can buy the P'rea Press edition here: and the Rainfall books edition (variant contents) here:

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Livrarias: Berkelouw Books (Leichhardt), Lotus Health and Wellbeing Centre, Oskar's Wild Bookstore

Bibliotecas: Ordo Templi Orientis U.S. Grand Lodge Library, University of Wollongong Library, Wollongong Central Library

Outro: Lifeline South Coast Book Fair

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