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The 1000 Hour Day: Two Adventurers Take on the World's Harshest Island de Chris Bray
80 dager på ski i Arktis : Baffin babes de Emma Simonsson
Across the Top of the World: The Quest for the Northwest Passage de James P. Delgado
Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic de Jennifer Niven
All About Polar Bears de Bruce Larkin
All About the Arctic and Antarctic de Armstrong Sperry
The Analog Sea Review: Number Three de Jonathan Simons
Animal Survivors of the Arctic (Watts Library: Animals) de Barbara A. Somervill
Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories de Kim Newman
The Arctic de Fred Bruemmer
The Arctic (New True Books) de Lynn M. Stone
The Arctic (Our Wild World: Ecosystems) de Wayne Lynch
The Arctic : choices for peace and security : proceedings of a public inquiry de Thomas R. Berger
Arctic A to Z de Wayne Lynch
Arctic Adventure: Inuit Life in the 1800s (Smithsonian Odyssey) de Dana Meachen Rau
Arctic and Antarctic (Junior Funfax First Facts) de Antony Mason
Arctic and Antarctic (New Frontiers) de Cass R. Sandak
Arctic Animals de Bobbie Kalman
Arctic Community (Arctic World) de Bobbie Kalman
Arctic Dreams de Barry Lopez
Arctic explorer : the story of Matthew Henson de Jeri Ferris
Arctic Foxes (Big Buddy Books: Arctic Animals) de Julie Murray
Arctic Gardens: Voices from an Abundant Land de Harvard Ayers
The Arctic Grail: The Quest for the Northwest Passage and The North Pole, 1818-1909 de Pierre Berton
The Arctic Habitat de Molly Aloian
Arctic Labyrinth: The Quest for the Northwest Passage de Glyn Williams
The Arctic Land de Bobbie Kalman
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land de Subhankar Banerjee
Arctic Odyssey: Travelling Arctic Europe de Richard Sale
Arctic Peoples (First Nations of North America) de Robin S. Doak
The Arctic tundra de Delia Goetz
Arctic Tundra (Ecozones) de Lynn M. Stone
Arctic Tundra (Food for Life) de Kate Riggs
Arctic Tundra: Land With No Trees (Rookie Read-About Science: Habitats and Ecosystems) de Allan Fowler
Arctic White de Danna Smith
Arctic wildlife: nature activity book; nature north of the 60th parallel de James Kavanagh
The Arctic (Brooke Bond Picture Cards) de Roger Tory Peterson
The Arctic: A Guide to Coastal Wildlife de Tony Soper
The Arctic: The Complete Story de Richard Sale
Arcticness : Power and Voice from the North de Ilan Kelman
L'Arctique = The Arctic de Roger Tory Peterson
Die Arktis de Karl-Heinz Raach
Around the Arctic de Faces Magazine
Artic Refuge: A Wilderness in Peril de The Wilderness Society
The Atomic Submarine [1959 film] de Spencer Gordon Bennet
Aus allen weltteilen die Arktis de Imre Josef Demhardt
Baby Animals of the Frozen Tundra de Carmen Bredeson
Barrow's Boys de Fergus Fleming
Bartlett, the great Canadian explorer de Harold Horwood
BBC Proms 2019 : Prom 22 : Rachmaninov, Shostakovich & Outi Tarkiainen [programme] de BBC Radio 3
BBC Proms 2019 : Prom 22 : Rachmaninov, Shostakovich & Outi Tarkiainen [sound recording] de BBC Radio 3
BBC Proms 2021 : Prom 41 : BBC Concert Orchestra & James McVinnie [programme] de BBC Radio 3
BBC Proms 2021 : Prom 41 : BBC Concert Orchestra & James McVinnie [sound recording] de BBC Radio 3
Beneath the Ice de Giselle Renarde
Bilder aus der Arktis de Karl-Heinz Raach
Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North (Science Essentials) de Mark C. Serreze
British Polar Explorers de Edward Evans
Captain Thomas James and the North West Passage de C. M. MacInnes
Caribou of the Arctic (Brrr! Polar Animals) de Sara Swan Miller
Carthago 03: The Monster of Djibouti de Christophe Bec
Children of the North Pole de Ralph Herrmanns
Cobblestone: Journey to the North Pole 2009 April de Cobblestone
Cold: Extreme Adventures at the Lowest Temperatures on Earth de Ranulph Fiennes
A Complete Guide to Arctic Wildlife de Richard Sale
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Arctic and Antarctic de Jack Williams
The Conquest of the North and South Poles de Russell Owen
Dark Matter de Michelle Paver
De-icing required! : the historical dimension of the Canadian Air Force's experience in the Arctic de P. Whitney Lackenbauer
Deception Point de Dan Brown
The Discovery of Slowness de Sten Nadolny
Do Penguins Get Frostbite? (Scholastic Question and Answer Series) de Melvin Berger
Dogsong de Gary Paulsen
Early Inuit Studies: Themes and Transitions, 1850s-1980s de Igor Krupnik
El Habitat del Arctico (Introduccion A los Habitats) (Spanish Edition) de Molly Aloian
The Encyclopedia of Early Earth: A Graphic Novel de Isabel Greenberg
Encyclopedia of World Explorers: From Armstrong to Shackleton de Fernand Salentiny
The Eskimos and Aleuts (Ancient Peoples and Places) de Don Dumond
The Essential Frankenstein de Mary Shelley
The Exhibition «ULTIMA THULE» The history of Important Voyages and expeditions in the Arctic Regions :For Sale Rare Maps, Vievs, Atlases and Books, Paintings and Manuscripts Including the Polar Icon Map : LÓITNANT JOHANSEN FRA 86°.14.´ :The Material will cover:: The explorations in the Barents Sea, The White Sea with Russia, and the North Pole area, mostly based on the historical search for a Northeast Passage. Topographical views from Northern Norway including rare «Lapponica». Decorative Maritime A de Pål Sagen
Expedition to the Arctic (Crabtree Chrome) de Natalie Hyde
The Exploration of the North and South Poles (Explorers Discovering the World) de Tim Cooke
A farewell to ice de Peter Wadhams
Farthest North de Fridtjof Nansen
The fast-changing Arctic : rethinking Arctic security for a warmer world de Barry Scott Zellen
Fatal Passage: The Story of John Rae, the Arctic Hero Time Forgot de Ken McGoogan
Field Trip Facts: Notes From Ms. Frizzle's Kids de Joanna Cole
Finse Explores the Arctic and Antarctica de Karine Hagen
The First Book of Arctic Mammals de Helen Hoke
Fortress of Solitude [and] The Devil Genghis de Kenneth Robeson
Four Against the Arctic: Shipwrecked for Six Years at the Top of the World de David Roberts
Frankenstein (Great Illustrated Classics) de Malvina G. Vogel
Fridtjof Nansen de Francis Edward Noel-Baker
The Frozen Deep de Wilkie Collins
Frozen in Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition de Owen Beattie
Ghosts of Cape Sabine: The Harrowing True Story of the Greely Expedition de Leonard F. Guttridge
Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off: The Complete Series 1 de Marcus Brigstocke
Good Morning, Midnight de Lily Brooks-Dalton
Great Thrillers: Ice Station Zebra / The Eagle Has Landed / The Tightrope Men de Alistair MacLean
The Great Warming: Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations de Brian Fagan
Greenland and the Arctic de Mark Elliott
Hellboy Library Edition, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction and Wake the Devil de Mike Mignola
Heroes of Polar Exploration de Ralph K. Andrist
A History of Arctic Exploration: Discovery, Adventure and Endurance at the Top of the World de Matti Lainema
History's Great Explorers de U.S. News & World Report
The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World de Lacey Baldwin SmithArctic Regions, referring to the ocean
I've Got to Sing a Torch Song [1933 animated short film] de Tom Palmer
I, Nuligak de Maurice Metayer
Ice de Sarah Beth Durst
Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin's Lost Polar Expedition de Scott Cookman
Ice Hunt de James Rollins
The Ice Master: The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk de Jennifer Niven
Ice Race de Gary Paulsen
Ice Station Zebra de Alistair MacLean
Ice Station Zebra [1968 film] de John Sturges
Ice: Stories of Survival from Polar Exploration de Clint Willis
The Iceberg Hermit (Point) de Arthur Roth
Inukpak and His Son de Neil Christopher
Inukshuk de Gregory Spatz
A is for Arctic: Natural Wonders of a Polar World de Wayne Lynch
The Island at the Top of the World [1974 film] de Robert Stevenson
John Franklin: Traveller on Undiscovered Seas de John Wilson
Julie de Jean Craighead George
Julie of the Wolves de Jean Craighead George
Julie's Wolf Pack de Jean Craighead George
Keith Grant, Paintings of the Arctic and the Dessert de Jacquetta Hawkes
The Kids Book of the Far North de Ann Love
Kingdom Of The North de Neil Sutherland
The Lands of Silence, a History of Arctic and Antarctic Exploration (Ebook) de Clements R. Markham
The Last Voyage of the Karluk de Captain Robert A. Bartlett
LEGO Animal Atlas: Discover the Animals of the World de Rona Skene
Letters from a Lost Uncle de Mervyn Peake
Life in the Arctic (Ecosystems) de Tamra B. Orr
Life Nature Library: The Poles de Willy Ley
Living in the Arctic (Raintree Perspectives: World Cultures) de Neil Morris
Living in the Arctic (Rookie Read-About Geography) de Allan Fowler
Locked in Ice: Nansen's Daring Quest for the North Pole de Peter Lourie
Lonely Planet Greenland & the Arctic de Etain O'Carroll
Lonely Planet the Arctic de Deanna Swaney
The Long Exile: A Tale of Inuit Betrayal and Survival in the High Arctic de Melanie McGrath
The Magnetic North: Notes from the Arctic Circle de Sara Wheeler
The Making of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein de Daisy Hay
Mama, Do You Love Me? de Barbara M Joosse
Marooned in the Arctic: The True Story of Ada Blackjack, the "Female Robinson Crusoe" de Peggy Caravantes
Matthew Henson and the North Pole Expedition (Journey to Freedom: The African American Library) de Ann Gaines
Matthew Henson: The Quest for the North Pole de Kathleen Olmstead
I May Be Some Time: Ice and the English Imagination de Francis Spufford
Minds of Winter de Ed O'Loughlin
Miss Pickerell Goes to the Arctic de Ellen MacGregor
Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, Volume 1 de Hope Nicholson
Mostly ʻMischief:̓ voyages to the Arctic and to the Antarctic de H. W. Tilman
Mr. Arctic, an Account of Vilhjalmur Stefansson de Erick Berry
My Life as an Explorer de Roald Amundsen
Nansen: The Explorer as Hero de Roland Huntford
National Geographic Magazine 1922 v42 #2 August de Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor
National Geographic Magazine 1971 v139 #2 February de Gilbert M. Grosvenor
National Geographic Magazine 1981 v159 #5 May de Wilbur E. Garrett
National Geographic Magazine 1983 v163 #2 February de Wilbur E. Garrett
National Geographic Magazine 1986 v169 #3 March de Wilbur E. Garrett
National Geographic Magazine 1987 v171 #5 May de Wilbur E. Garrett
National Geographic Magazine 1991 v180 #1 July de William Graves
National Geographic Magazine 1995 v187 #1 January de William L Allen
National Geographic Magazine 1997 v191 #2 February de William L Allen
National Geographic Magazine 2007 v211 #1 January de Chris Johns
National Geographic Magazine, December 1979 de Gilbert M. Grosvenor
National Geographic, Vol. 174, No. 6, December 1988 de Wilbur E. Garrett
Native Nations of the Arctic and Subarctic de Marie Powell
New mobilities and social change in Russia's Arctic regions de Marlène Laruelle
New Scientist, 17 September 2016 de New Scientistice cover
New Scientist, 23 May 2020 de New Scientistzombie fires
New Scientist, 27 July 2013 de New Scientistclimate crisis melting
The New World de Louise Michel
The North Georgia gazette, and winter chronicle de Sir Edward Sabine
The North Pole de Robert E. Peary
North Pole Legacy: Black, White and Eskimo de S. Allen Counter
Northern conquest de Jeannette Mirsky
The Nunavut Handbook: Travelling in Canada's Arctic de Miriam Dewar
Onley's Arctic : diaries and paintings of the high Arctic de Toni Onley
Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Winds Blow de Marianne Berkes
Penguins and Polar Bears de Sandra Lee Crow
People of the Deer de Farley Mowat
Planet Arctic: Life at the Top of the World de Wayne Lynch
Polar Bears Matter (Core Library: Bioindicator Species) de Tammy Gagne
Polar Bears of the Arctic (Brrr! Polar Animals) de Sara Swan Miller
Polar Bears Past Bedtime de Mary Pope Osborne
Polar Bears: Hunters of the Snow and Ice (Animals of the Snow and Ice) de Elaine Landau
Polar Dream: The First Solo Expedition by a Woman and Her Dog to the Magnetic North Pole de Helen Thayer
Polar Imperative: A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America de Shelagh D. Grant
Polar Pals [1939 animated short film] de Bob Clampett
Polar Reaches: The History of Arctic and Antarctic Exploration de Richard Sale
Polar Remote Sensing: Volume I: Atmosphere and Oceans (Springer Praxis Books / Geophysical Sciences) de Dan Lubin
Polar Remote Sensing: Volume II: Ice Sheets (Springer Praxis Books / Geophysical Sciences) (v. 2) de Robert Massom
Polardrömmars höga pris : historiska äventyr i Arktis och Antarktis de Annagreta Dyring
Polaris: The Chief Scientist's Recollections of the American North Pole Expedition, 1871-73 (Northern Lights) de Emil Bessels
Poles apart : why penguins and polar bears will never be neighbors de Elaine Scott
Poles Apart: Parallel Visions of the Arctic and Antarctic de Galen Rowell
Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics de Tim Marshall
Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was a Polar Bear (I Can Read Level 1) de Jennifer Bové
Resolute: The Epic Search for the Northwest Passage and John Franklin, and the Discovery of the Queen's Ghost Ship de Martin W. Sandler
Roald Amundsen and the exploration of the Northwest Passage de Geir O. Kløver
Robert E. Peary: To the Top of the World de Patricia Calvert
Robert Peary and the Quest for the North Pole (Explorers of New Worlds) de Daniel E. Harmon
Russia's Arctic Strategies and the Future of the Far North de Marlène Laruelle
Russia's Heroes, 1941-45: An Epic Account of Struggle and Survival on the Eastern Front de Albert Axell
Russian America & Polar Exploration : Highlights from the Martin Greene Library, Thursday, 7 December 2017 de Christie's
Russian Expansion on the Pacific 1641-1850: An Account of the Earliest and Later Expeditions Made by the Russians Along the Pacific Coast of Asia and North America; Including Some Related Expeditions to the Arctic Regions. de Frank Alfred Golder
The Scramble for the Arctic: Ownership, Exploitation and Conflict in the Far North de Richard Sale
The Search for the Northwest Passage de George Malcolm Thomson
Searching for the Franklin Expedition: The Arctic Journal of Robert Randolph Carter de Robert Randolph Carter
Shipwreck at Cape Flora: The Expeditions of Benjamin Leigh Smith, England's Forgotten Arctic Explorer de P. J. Capelotti
The Shooting Star de Hergé
Snow Bear de Jean Craighead George
The Snow Walker de Farley Mowat
South: The Endurance Expedition de Ernest Shackleton
The Story of Polar Conquest (Commemorative Edition) de Logan Marshall
Studien und Forschungen veranlaßt durch meine Reisen im hohen Norden de Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld
The Superman Monster de Dan Abnett
The Terror de Dan Simmons
Tikta'liktak: An Inuit-Eskimo Legend de James A. Houston
To the End of the Earth de Tom Avery
To the Pole: The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd, 1925-1927 de RAIMUND E. GOERLER
The Top and Bottom of the World (Rookie Read-About Science: Habitats and Ecosystems) de Allan Fowler
Tower of Glass de Robert Silverberg
Traditional Stories of the Arctic and Subarctic Nations de Marie Powell
Transformers 206: Cold War! (part one) de Bob Budiansky
Transformers 208: Dark Star (part one) de Bob Budiansky
Trent, McGill and the North: A Story of Canada's Growth as a Sovereign Polar Nation de W. Peter Adams
True North: Travels in Arctic Europe de Gavin Francis
Until the Night de Giles Blunt
Very Last First Time de Jan Andrews
The Voyage of the Narwhal de Andrea Barrett
Voyages of Delusion: The Quest for the Northwest Passage de Glyn Williams
Walruses of the Arctic (Brrr! Polar Animals) de Sara Swan Miller
Washington Black de Esi Edugyan
Whales of the Arctic (Brrr! Polar Animals) de Sara Swan Miller
Whales, Dolphins, and Other Marine Mammals of the World de Hadoram Shirihai
White Eskimo: Knud Rasmussen's Fearless Journey into the Heart of the Arctic (A Merloyd Lawrence Book) de Stephen R. Bown
Who Owns the Arctic?: Understanding Sovereignty Disputes in the North de Michael Byers
Wildlife & Wilderness: An Artist's World de Keith Shackleton
Wings above the Arctic : a photographic history of Arctic aviation de Bruce McAllister
The World of the Arctic de Frances C. Smith
Writing Arctic Disaster: Authorship and Exploration (Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture) de Adriana Craciun
You're Snug With Me de Chitra Soundar