SériesCross-Cultural Perspectives on Women

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'Ladies, Please Don't Smash These Windows': Women's Writing, Feminist Consciousness and Social Change 1918-38 (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Maroula Joannou 8 cópias
Anthropology of Breast-Feeding: Natural Law or Social Construct (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Vanessa A. Maher 4 cópias
Anthropology of Pregnancy Loss: Comparative Studies in Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neo-natal Death (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women S) de Rosanne Cecil 3 cópias, 1 resenha
Beads and Bead Makers: Gender, Material Culture and Meaning (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Lidia D. Sciama 19 cópias
Bilingual Women: Anthropological Approaches to Second Language Use (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Pauline Burton 3 cópias
Carved Flesh / Cast Selves: Gendered Symbols and Social Practices (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Vigdis Broch-Due 4 cópias
Contraception across Cultures: Technologies, Choices, Constraints (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Andrew Russell 9 cópias
Cross-Cultural Marriage: Identity and Choice (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Rosemary Breger 3 cópias
Dress and Gender: Making and Meaning de Ruth Barnes 11 cópias
Extending the Boundaries of Care: Medical Ethics and Caring Practices (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Tamara Kohn 2 cópias
Gender, Religion and Change in the Middle East: Two Hundred Years of History (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Inger Marie Okkenhaug 4 cópias
Gender, Water and Development (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Tina Wallace 4 cópias
Male and Female in Developing South-East Asia (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Wazir-Jahan Karim 4 cópias
Migrant Women: Crossing Boundaries and Changing Identities (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Gina Buijs 5 cópias
Money-Go-Rounds: The Importance of ROSCAs for Women (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Shirley Ardener 2 cópias
Muslim Women's Choices: Religious Belief and Social Reality (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Camillia Fawzi El-Solh 3 cópias
Organizing Women: Formal and Informal Women's Groups in the Middle East (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Dawn Chatty 4 cópias
Persons and Powers of Women in Diverse Cultures (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Shirley Ardener 2 cópias
Servants and Gentlewomen to the Golden Land: The Emigration of Single Women from Britain to Southern Africa, 182-1939: The Emigration of Single Women ... (Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women) de Cecillie Swaisland 7 cópias
The Transnational Family: New European Frontiers and Global Networks (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Deborah Fahy Bryceson 2 cópias
Women and Credit: Researching the Past, Refiguring the Future (Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Beverly Lemire 0 cópias
Women Plantation Workers: International Experiences (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women) de Shobita Jain 5 cópias


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