SériesPhilosophical Studies Series

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Linguistic Representation de J.F. Rosenberg 7 cópias1
Philosophical analysis and human welfare : selected essays and chapters from six decades de Dickinson S. Miller 5 cópias3
Knowledge, Perception and Memory (Philosophical Studies Series) de Carl Ginet 7 cópias5
Religion and Scientific Method (Philosophical Studies Series) de G Schlesinger 6 cópias10
Philosophy of History and Action (Philosophical Studies Series) de Yirmiahu Yovel 7 cópias11
Justification and Knowledge, New Studies in Epistemology (Philosophical Studies Series) de G. S. Pappas 2 cópias17
Rationality in science : studies in the foundations of science and ethics de Risto Hilpinen 5 cópias21
God, free will, and morality : prolegomena to a theory of practical reasoning de Robert J. Richman 3 cópias27
God and Skepticism: A Study in Skepticism and Fideism (Philosophical Studies Series) de T. Penelhum 11 cópias28
Theism (Philosophical Studies Series) de Clement Dore 6 cópias30
Language, Truth and Ontology (Philosophical Studies Series) de K. Mulligan 6 cópias31
The status of morality de Thomas L. Carson 6 cópias31
Empirical Justification (Philosophical Studies Series) de Paul K. Moser 6 cópias34
The ascent from nominalism : some existence arguments in Plato's middle dialogues de Terry Penner 5 cópias37
Hume and the Problem of Miracles: A Solution (Philosophical Studies Series) de Michael P. Levine 4 cópias41
Hegel's Epistemological Realism: A Study of the Aim and Method of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit (Philosophical Studies de K.R. Westphal 10 cópias43
The Current state of the coherence theory : critical essays on the epistemic theories of Keith Lehrer and Laurence BonJour, with replies de J. Bender 1 exemplar(es)44
Thomas Reid and `The Way of Ideas' (Philosophical Studies Series) de Roger D. Gallie 4 cópias45
Historical foundations of cognitive science de John-Christian Smith 6 cópias46
Cause, Mind, and Reality: Essays Honoring C.B. Martin de J. Heil 2 cópias47
Retribution Reconsidered: More Essays in the Philosophy of Law (Philosophical Studies Series) de Jeffrie G. Murphy 2 cópias54
In the interests of others : an essay in moral philosophy de Phillip Montague 2 cópias55
Philosophy of Probability (Philosophical Studies Series) de Jacques Dubucs 3 cópias56
The Eye and the Mind: Reflections on Perception and the Problem of Knowledge (Philosophical Studies Series) de C. Landesman 2 cópias58
Scientific and Religious Belief (Philosophical Studies Series) de P. Weingartner 4 cópias59
Philosophy in Mind: The Place of Philosophy in the Study of Mind (Philosophical Studies Series) de Michael Murray 1 exemplar(es)60
Moore on right and wrong : the normative ethics of G.E. Moore de William H. Shaw 3 cópias61
Inquiry, forms, and substances : a study in Plato's metaphysics and epistemology de Thomas A. Blackson 5 cópias62
Agora, Academy, and the Conduct of Philosophy de Debra Nails 4 cópias63
Emotion in Aesthetics de Warren Shibles 2 cópias64
Persons, animals, and fetuses : an essay in practical ethics de Mary Gore Forrester 4 cópias66
Knowledge, Teaching and Wisdom (Philosophical Studies Series) de Keith Lehrer 2 cópias67
Philosophy and Cognitive Science: Categories, Consciousness, and Reasoning (Philosophical Studies Series) de Andy Clark 2 cópias69
Realism and explanatory priority de John Wright 1 exemplar(es)71
Applied ethics in a troubled world de Edgar Morscher 3 cópias73
The Existence Principle (Philosophical Studies Series) de Quentin Gibson 3 cópias75
Thomas Reid : ethics, aesthetics and the anatomy of the self de R.D. Gallie 2 cópias78
Cognition, agency, and rationality : proceedings of the fifth International Colloquium on Cognitive Science de Kepa Korta 5 cópias79
Linguistic Creativity Exercises in 'Philosophical Therapy' de Eugen Fischer 4 cópias81
Cooperation : a philosophical study de Raimo Tuomela 3 cópias82
Believing and Accepting de Pascal Engel 5 cópias83
Time and the Metaphysics of Relativity (Philosophical Studies Series) de W.L. Craig 10 cópias84
John Stuart Mill and the Ethic of Human Growth (Philosophical Studies Series) de D.A. Habibi 6 cópias85
The Diachronic Mind An Essay on Personal Identity, Psychological Continuity and the Mind-Body Problem de Marc Slors 3 cópias86
The Importance of Time de L.N. Oaklander 1 exemplar(es)87
Rediscovering colors a study in Pollyanna realism de Michael Watkins 2 cópias88
A paradigm theory of existence : onto-theology vindicated de W.F. Vallicella 3 cópias89
From Cause to Causation: A Peircean Perspective (Philosophical Studies Series) de M. Hulswit 2 cópias90
Philosophy, Psychology, and Psychologism: Critical and Historical Readings on the Psychological Turn in Philosophy (Philosophical Studies Series) de Dale Jacquette 3 cópias91
Concepts of meaning : framing an integrated theory of linguistic behavior de Gerhard Preyer 4 cópias92
Dependencies, Connections, and Other Relations: A Theory of Mental Causation (Philosophical Studies Series) de Wim De Muijnck 2 cópias93
A hundred years of English philosophy de N. Milkov 2 cópias94
The Epistemology of Keith Lehrer (Philosophical Studies Series) de Erik J. Olsson 2 cópias95
Wholes, Sums and Unities (Philosophical Studies Series) de A. Meirav 1 exemplar(es)97
Language, knowledge, and representation : proceedings of the sixth International Colloquium on Cognitive Science (ICCS-99) de Jesús M. Larrazabal 1 exemplar(es)99
Terrorism: A Philosophical Analysis (Philosophical Studies Series) de J. Angelo Corlett 7 cópias101
Truth, rationality, cognition, and music : proceedings of the seventh International Colloquium on Cognitive Science de Kepa Korta 4 cópias102
Knowledge and Reality: Essays in Honor of Alvin Plantinga (Philosophical Studies Series) de Thomas M. Crisp 9 cópias103
Thought-contents : on the ontology of belief and the semantics of belief attribution de Steven E. Boër 3 cópias104
Issues in Theoretical Diversity: Persistence, Composition, and Time (Philosophical Studies Series) de Kristie Lyn Miller 4 cópias106
A Theory of Epistemic Justification de Jarrett Leplin 5 cópias112
Singular Reference: A Descriptivist Perspective (Philosophical Studies Series) de Francesco Orilia 3 cópias113
Artistic Judgement: A Framework for Philosophical Aesthetics: 115 (Philosophical Studies Series) de Graham McFee 5 cópias115
Self-evaluation : affective and social grounds of intentionality de Anita Konzelmann Ziv 7 cópias116
Socratic, Platonic and Aristotelian studies: essays in honor of Gerasimos Santas de Georgios Anagnostopoulos 5 cópias117
Autonomy and the Self (Philosophical Studies Series) de Michael Köhler 4 cópias118
Virtuous thoughts the philosophy of Ernest Sosa de John Turri 4 cópias119
Reason and Analysis in Ancient Greek Philosophy: Essays in Honor of David Keyt de Georgios Anagnostopoulos 5 cópias120
The concept of reduction de Raphael van Riel 8 cópias121
Aristotle's Idea of the Soul (Philosophical Studies Series) de H. Granger 6 cópias
The birth of thought in the Spanish language : 14th century Hebrew-Spanish philosophy de Ilia Galán Díez 3 cópias
The emotions de O.H Green 4 cópias
Haecceity : An Ontological Essay de G.S. Rosenkrantz 6 cópias
How Ficta Follow Fiction: A Syncretistic Account of Fictional Entities (Philosophical Studies Series) de Alberto Voltolini 1 exemplar(es)
How to Think about Meaning (Philosophical Studies Series) de Paul Saka 3 cópias
Knowing Art: Essays in Aesthetics and Epistemology (Philosophical Studies Series) de Matthew Kieran 12 cópias
The Likelihood of Knowledge de Robert G. Meyers 6 cópias
The Metaphysics of G.E. Moore de David O'Connor 4 cópias
The Metaphysics of Memory (Philosophical Studies Series) de Sven Bernecker 6 cópias
Moral Psychology Today: Essays on Values, Rational Choice, and the Will (Philosophical Studies Series) de David K. Chan 4 cópias
The Moral Wager: Evolution and Contract (Philosophical Studies Series) de Malcolm Murray 3 cópias
Philosophical Analysis: A Defense by Example (Philosophical Studies Series) de D.S. Austin 5 cópias
Rerepresentation : readings in the philosophy of mental representation de Stuart Silvers 7 cópias
Sign Levels: Language and Its Evolutionary Antecedents (Philosophical Studies Series) de D. S. Clarke 0 cópias
Substance and Attribute: A Study in Ontology (Philosophical Studies Series) de Michael J. Loux 15 cópias
Topics in Conditional Logic (Philosophical Studies Series) de Donald Nute 4 cópias
A World Without Values: Essays on John Mackie's Moral Error Theory (Philosophical Studies Series) de Richard Joyce 9 cópias


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