Série de EditoraHarvard East Asian Series

China's Early Industrialization: Sheng Hsuan-Huai (1844-1916) and Mandarin Enterprise de Albert Feuerwerker 11 cópias1
Intellectual trends in the Ching Period 清代学术概论 de ?啟超 4 cópias2
Reform in Sung China : Wang An-shih (1021-1086) and his newpolicies de James T. C. Liu 2 cópias3
Studies on the Population of China, 1368-1953 de Ping-Ti Ho 2 cópias4
China's Entrance Into the Family of Nations: The Diplomatic Phase 1858-1880 de Immanuel C. Y. Hsü 2 cópias5
The May Fourth Movement: Intellectual Revolution in Modern China de Chow Tse-Tsung 60 cópias, 1 resenha6
Ch'ing Administrative Terms: A Translation of the Terminology of the Six Boards with Explanatory Notes de E-tu Zen Sun 2 cópias7
Anglo-American steamship rivalry in China, 1862-1874 de Kwang-Ching Liu 2 cópias8
Local Government in China Under the Ch'ing de T'ung-tsu Ch'u 19 cópias9
Communist China, 1955-1959: Policy documents with analysis 0 cópias10
China and Christianity: The Missionary Movement and the Growth of Chinese Antiforeignism, 1860-1870 de Paula Cohen 13 cópias11
China and the Helping Hand 1937-1945 de Arthur N. Young 2 cópias12
The United States and the Far Eastern Crisis of 1933-1938: From the Manchurian Incident Through the Initial Stage of the Undeclared Sino-Japanese War de Dorothy Borg 12 cópias14
China and the West, 1858-1861: The Origins of the Tsungli Yamen de Masataka Banno 5 cópias15
In Search of Wealth and Power: Yen Fu and the West de Benjamin I. Schwartz 28 cópias16
The Origins of Entrepreneurship in Meiji Japan de Johannes Hirschmeier 6 cópias17
Commissioner Lin and the Opium War de Hsin-pao Chang 26 cópias, 1 resenha18
Money and Monetary Policy in China, 1845-1895 de Frank H. H. King 7 cópias19
China's Wartime Finance and Inflation, 1937-1945 de Arthur N. Young 3 cópias20
Foreign Investment and Economic Development in China 1840-1937 de Chi-ming Hou 1 exemplar(es)21
After Imperialism: The Search for a New Order in the Far East, 1921-1931 de Akira Iriye 21 cópias22
Foundations of Constitutional Government in Modern Japan, 1868-1900 de George Akita 4 cópias23
Political Thought in Early Meiji Japan, 1868-1889 de Joseph Pittau 8 cópias24
China's Struggle for Naval Development 1839-1895 de John L. Rawlinson 2 cópias25
The Practice of Chinese Buddhism, 1900-1950 de Holmes Welch 31 cópias26
Li Ta-Chao and the Origins of Chinese Marxism de Maurice Meisner 31 cópias, 1 resenha27
Pa Chin and His Writings Chinese Youth Between the Two Revolutions de Olga Lang 6 cópias28
Literary Dissent in Communist China de Merle Goldman 9 cópias29
Politics in Tokugawa Bakufu, 1600-1843 de Conrad D. Totman 3 cópias30
Hara Kei in the Politics of Compromise, 1905–1915 de Tetsuo Najita 2 cópias31
The Chinese World Order: Traditional China's Foreign Relations de John King Fairbank 23 cópias32
The Buddhist Revival in China de Holmes Welch 9 cópias33
Traditional Medicine in Modern China: Science, Nationalism and the Tensions of Cultural Change de Ralph C. Croizier 3 cópias34
Party Rivalry and Political Change in Taisho Japan de Peter Duus 7 cópias35
The Rhetoric of Empire: American China Policy, 1895-1901 de Marilyn Young 8 cópias36
Radical Nationalist in Japan: Kita Ikki, 1883-1937 de George M. Wilson 3 cópias37
While China faced west ; American reformers in Nationalist China, 1928-1937 de James Claude Thomson 7 cópias38
The Failure of Freedom: A Portrait of Modern Japanese Intellectuals (East Asian Study) de Tatsuo Arima 3 cópias39
Asian Ideas of East and West: Tagore and His Critics in Japan, China, and India de Stephen N. Hay 6 cópias40
Canton Under Communism: Programs and Politics in a Provincial Capital, 1949-1968 de Ezra F. Vogel 24 cópias41
Ting Wen-chiang: Science and China's New Culture de Charlotte Furth 5 cópias42
Manchurian Frontier in Ch'ing History de Robert H.G. Lee 5 cópias43
Motoori Norinaga, 1730-1801 de Shigeru Matsumoto 4 cópias44
The Comprador in Nineteenth Century China: Bridge between East and West de Yen-ping Hao 1 exemplar(es)45
Hu Shih and the Chinese Renaissance de Jerome B. Grieder 7 cópias46
The Chinese Peasant Economy: Agricultural Development in Hopei and Shantung, 1890-1949 de Ramon H. Myers 2 cópias47
Japanese Tradition and Western Law: Emperor, State, and Law in the Thought of Hozumi Yatsuka de Richard H. Minear 3 cópias48
Rebellion and Its Enemies in Late Imperial China: Militarization and Social Structure, 1796-1864 de Philip A. Kuhn 29 cópias49
Early Chinese Revolutionaries: Radical Intellectuals in Shanghai and Chekiang, 1902-1911 (Harvard East Asian) de Mary Backus Rankin 9 cópias50
Communication and Imperial Control in China: Evolution of the Palace Memorial System 1693-1735 (Harvard East Asian Series, 51) de Silas H. L. Wu 2 cópias51
Vietnam and the Chinese Model: A Comparative Study of Nguyen and Ch'ing Civil Government in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century de Alexander Woodside 11 cópias52
The modernization of the Chinese salt administration, 1900-1920 de S.A.M. Adshead 2 cópias53
Chang Chih-tung and Educational Reform in China (East Asian) de William Ayers 3 cópias54
Kuo Mo-jo: the early years de David Tod Roy 3 cópias55
Social Reformers in Urban China: The Chinese Y.M.C.A., 1895-1926 (Harvard East Asian Series) de Shirley S. Garrett 2 cópias56
Biographic Dictionary of Chinese Communism, 1921-1965: Vol. 1, Ai Szu-ch'i - Lo I-nung; Vol. 2, Lo Jui-ch'ing--Yun Tai-ying de Donald W. Klein 6 cópias, 1 resenha57
Imperialism and Chinese Nationalism: Germany in Shantung (East Asian) de John E. Schrecker 5 cópias58
Monarchy in the emperor's eyes : image and reality in the Chn-lung reign de Harold L. Kahn 0 cópias59
Yamagata Aritomo in the rise of modern Japan, 1838-1922 de Roger F. Hackett 3 cópias60
Russia and China (East Asian Study) de Mark Mancall 4 cópias61
The Yenan Way in Revolutionary China de Mark Selden 35 cópias, 1 resenha62
The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White de James W. Loewen 52 cópias63
Liang Ch'i-ch'ao and Intellectual Transition in China, 1890-1907 de Hao Chang 1 exemplar(es)64
A Korean village between farm and sea de Vincent S. R. Brandt 3 cópias65
Agricultural change and the peasant economy of South China de Evelyn Sakakida Rawski 3 cópias66
The peace conspiracy;: Wang Ching-wei and the China war, 1937-1941 (Harvard East Asian series) de Gerald E Bunker 4 cópias67
Mori Arinori de Ivan Parker Hall 4 cópias68
Buddhism under Mao de Holmes Welch 10 cópias69
Japan's First Student Radicals (Harvard East Asian Series) de Henry Dewitt Smith 7 cópias70
The Romantic Generation of Modern Chinese Writers (East Asian) de Leo Ou-fan Lee 6 cópias71
Deus Destroyed: The Image of Christianity in Early Modern Japan de George Elison 32 cópias72
Land taxation in Imperial China, 1750-1911 de Yeh-Chien Wang 4 cópias73
Chinese Ways in Warfare (Harvard East Asian series) de Frank A. Kierman 8 cópias74
Pepper, Guns, and Parleys: The Dutch East India Company and China, 1662-1681 (East Asian) de John E. Wills 5 cópias75
Between Tradition and Modernity: Wang T'ao and Reform in Late Ch'ing China de Paula Cohen 6 cópias77
The Abortive Revolution: China Under Nationalist Rule, 1927-1937 de Lloyd Eastman 7 cópias78
Russia and the Roots of the Chinese Revolution, 1896-1911 (East Asian) de Don C. Price 2 cópias79
Toward industrial democracy : management and workers in modern Japan de Kunio Odaka 1 exemplar(es)80
China's Republican Revolution: The Case of Kwangtung, 1895-1913 (Harvard East Asian Series) de Edward J. M. Rhoads 4 cópias81
Radicalism and the Origins of the Vietnamese Revolution de Hue-Tam Ho Tai 20 cópias82
Folk Buddhist Religion: Dissenting Sects in Late Traditional China (East Asian) de Daniel L. Overmyer 10 cópias83
The Limits of Change: Essays on Conservative Alternatives in Republican China (Harvard East Asian Series) de Charlotte Furth 9 cópias84
Yenching University and Sino-Western Relations, 1916-1952 (Harvard East Asian) de Philip West 5 cópias85
Japanese Marxist: A Portrait of Kawakami Hajime, 1879-1946 de Gail Lee Bernstein 7 cópias86
China's Forty Millions: Minority Nationalities and National Integration in the People's Republic of China (Harvard East Asian Series) de June Teufel Dreyer 3 cópias87
Japanese Colonial Education in Taiwan, 1895-1945 de E. Patricia Tsurumi 6 cópias88
Modern Chinese Literature in the May Fourth Era (Harvard East Asian) de Merle Goldman 12 cópias89
The broken wave : the Chinese Communist peasant movement, 1922-1928 de Roy Hofheinz Jr. 4 cópias90
Passage to Power: K'ang-hsi and His Heir Apparent, 1661-1722 (East Asian Study) de Silas H. L. Wu 3 cópias91
Chinese Communism and the Rise of Mao de Benjamin I. Schwartz 43 cópias92
China's development experience in comparative perspective de Robert F. Dernberger 3 cópias93
The Chinese vernacular story de Patrick Hanan 12 cópias94
Chinese village politics in the Malaysian state de Judith Strauch 3 cópias95
Chinese Elites and Political Change de R. Keith Schoppa 5 cópias96
Hideyoshi de Mary Elizabeth Berry 63 cópias97
Ding Ling's fiction : ideology and narrative in modern Chinese literature de Yi-tsi Mei Feuerwerker 2 cópias98
Millenarianism and peasant politics in Vietnam de Hue-Tam Ho Tai 3 cópias99
Long Lives: Chinese Elderly and the Communist Revolution. Expanded Edition de Deborah Davis-Friedmann 2 cópias100
Wang Kuo-wei : an intellectual biography de Joey Bonner 2 cópias101
Agrarian Radicalism in China, 1968-1981 (Harvard East Asian Series) de David Zweig 4 cópias102