SériesUrban Life in America

26 Obras Popularidade 16,726 (348 Membros) 424 Livros 1 Resenha ½ 3.8
Back to Nature: The Arcadian Myth in Urban America de Peter J. Schmitt 18 cópias1969
Boss Cox's Cincinnati: Urban Politics in the Progressive Era de Zane L. Miller 19 cópias1968
Boston, the Great Depression, and the New Deal de Charles H. Trout 5 cópias1977
Chicago's Italians Prior to World War I de Rudolph Vecoli 4 cópias1963
Children in Urban Society: Juvenile Delinquency in Nineteenth-Century America de Joseph M. Hawes 3 cópias1971
The culture factory; Boston public schools, 1789-1860 de Stanley K. Schultz 3 cópias1973
Education of an Urban Minority: Catholics in Chicago, 1833-1965 de James W. Sanders 1 exemplar(es)1977
Free Negroes in the District of Columbia, 1790-1846 de Letitia Woods Brown 5 cópias1972
The golden door : Italian and Jewish immigrant mobility in New York City, 1880-1915 de Thomas Kessner 29 cópias1977
Instant Cities: Urbanization and the Rise of San Francisco and Denver de Gunther Paul Barth 10 cópias1975
Italians in Chicago, 1880-1930: A Study in Ethnic Mobility de Humbert S. Nelli 30 cópias1970
The Ku Klux Klan in the city, 1915-1930 de Kenneth T. Jackson 34 cópias1967
Mobile Americans; residential and social mobility in Omaha, 1880-1920 de Howard P. Chudacoff 1 exemplar(es)1972
A nation of cities : the Federal government and urban America, 1933-1965 de Mark I. Gelfand 3 cópias1975
The New York Police, colonial times to 1901 de James F Richardson 2 cópias1970
The Pendergast Machine de Lyle W. Dorsett 10 cópias1968
The plain people of Boston, 1830-1860: a study in city growth de Peter R. Knights 9 cópias1971
Poverty in New York, 1783-1825 de Raymond A. Mohl 11 cópias1971
Pullman: An Experiment in Industrial Order and Community Planning, 1880-1930 de Stanley Buder 64 cópias1967
Race Relations in the Urban South, 1865-1890 de Howard N. Rabinowitz 34 cópias1978
Reform in Detroit: Hazen S. Pingree and urban politics de Melvin G. Holli 12 cópias1969
The Remembered Gate: Origins of American Feminism: The Woman and the City, 1800-1860 de Barbara J. Berg 47 cópias1978
San Francisco, 1846-1856: From Hamlet to City de Roger W. Lotchin 22 cópias, 1 resenha1974
San Francisco, 1846-56 de Roger W. Lotchin 6 cópias1974
The Slum and the Ghetto: Immigrants, Blacks, and Reformers in Chicago, 1880-1930 de Thomas Lee Philpott 17 cópias1978
Spearheads for Reform:The Social Settlements & the Progressive Movement, 1890 to 1914 de Allen F. Davis 23 cópias1967