Série de EditoraContributions in Military Studies

River and the Rock: History of Fortress West Point, 1775–83 de Dave Richard Palmer 3 cópias1
Dear Miss Em: General Eichelberger's War in the Pacific, 1942–1945 de Robert L. Eichelberger 5 cópias2
Medieval Warfare: History of the Art of War, Volume III de Hans Delbruck 182 cópias3
American Gunboat Diplomacy and the Old Navy, 1877–1889 de Kenneth J. Hagan 8 cópias4
The Image of the Army Officer in America: Background for Current Views de Charles Kemble 3 cópias5
The Memoirs of Henry Heth de James Morrison 12 cópias6
Against the Specter of a Dragon: The Campaign for American Military Preparedness, 1914–1917 de Jack P. Finnegan 1 exemplar(es)7
The Way of the Fox: American Strategy in The War for America, 1775–1783 de David Richard Palmer 6 cópias8
The General: Robert L. Bullard and Officership in the United States Army, 1881–1925 de Allan Millet 9 cópias10
The Twenty-First Missouri: From Home Guard to Union Regiment de Leslie Anders 6 cópias11
The Politics of the Second Front: American Military Planning and Diplomacy in Coalition Warfare, 1941–1943 de Mark Stoler 2 cópias12
The Anatomy of a Small War: The Soviet-Japanese Struggle for Changkufeng/Khasan, 1938 de Alvin D. Coox 8 cópias13
Reconsiderations on the Revolutionary War: Selected Essays de Don Higginbotham 6 cópias14
The Leavenworth Schools and the Old Army: Education, Professionalism, and the Officer Corps of the United States Army, 1881–1918 de Timothy K. Nenninger 11 cópias15
Divided and Conquered: The French High Command and the Defeat of the West, 1940 de Jeffery A. Gunsburg 6 cópias18
The Army and Civil Disorder: Federal Military Intervention in Labor Disputes, 1877–1900 de Jerry M. Cooper 4 cópias19
The Barbarian Invasions: History of the Art of War, Volume II de Hans Delbruck 157 cópias20
The Art of Leadership in War: The Royal Navy From the Age of Nelson to the End of World War II de John Horsfield 7 cópias21
A Wilderness of Miseries: War and Warriors in Early America de John E. Ferling 10 cópias22
Iron Arm: The Mechanization of Mussolini's Army, 1920–1940 de John J. T. Sweet 34 cópias, 2 resenhas23
American Sea Power in the Old World: The United States Navy in European and Near Eastern Waters, 1865–1917 de William N. Still, Jr. 17 cópias24
A Hollow Threat: Strategic Air Power and Containment Before Korea de Harry R. Borowski 5 cópias25
Men Wanted for the U.S. Army: America's Experience with an All-Volunteer Army Between the World Wars de Robert K. Griffith 2 cópias27
General John M. Palmer, Citizen Soldiers, and the Army of a Democracy de I. B. Holley 4 cópias28
Bullets and Bureaucrats: The Machine Gun and the United States Army, 1861–1916 de David A. Armstrong 7 cópias, 1 resenha29
The Quest for Victory: The History of the Principles of War de John I. Alger 9 cópias30
Fighting Power: German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939–1945 de Martin van Creveld 89 cópias, 2 resenhas32
Two If by Sea: The Development of American Coastal Defense Policy de Robert S. Browning 2 cópias33
The Antagonists: A Comparative Combat Assessment of the Soviet and American Soldier de Richard A. Gabriel 6 cópias34
Hitler's Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War de Raymond L. Proctor 3 cópias35
The Stars and Stripes: Doughboy Journalism in World War I de Alfred E. Cornebise 8 cópias37
Image and Reality: The Making of the German Officer, 1921–1933 de David N. Spires 0 cópias38
America's Forgotten Wars: The Counterrevolutionary Past and Lessons for the Future de Sam C. Sarkesian 5 cópias40
In Peace and War: Interpretations of American Naval History, 1775–1984 de Kenneth J. Hagan 42 cópias, 1 resenha41
The Heights of Courage: A Tank Leader's War on the Golan de Avigdor Kahalani 62 cópias, 2 resenhas42
Strategic Nuclear War: What the Superpowers Target and Why de William C. Martel 4 cópias43
The Dogma of the Battle of Annihilation: The Theories of Clausewitz and Schlieffen and Their Impact on the German Conduct of Two World Wars de Jehuda L. Wallach 14 cópias45
Crusade in Nuremberg: Military Occupation, 1945–1949 de Boyd L. Dastrup 1 exemplar(es)47
Shaping a Maritime Empire: The Commercial and Diplomatic Role of the American Navy, 1829–1861 de John H. Schroeder 5 cópias48
Jailed for Peace: The History of American Draft Law Violators, 1658–1985 de Stephen M. Kohn 9 cópias49
Citizen-Sailors in a Changing Society: Policy Issues for Manning the United States Naval Reserve de Louis A. Zurcher 1 exemplar(es)50
Against All Enemies: Interpretations of American Military History from Colonial Times to the Present de Kenneth J. Hagan 23 cópias51
A Portrait of the Israeli Soldier de Reuvan Gal 8 cópias52
Soviet Military Psychiatry: The Theory and Practice of Coping With Battle Stress de Richard A. Gabriel 3 cópias53
The New Battlefield: The United States and Unconventional Conflicts de Sam C. Sarkesian 1 exemplar(es)54
The Other Price of Hitler's War: German Military and Civilian Losses Resulting From World War II de Martin K. Sorge 2 cópias55
The Other Desert War: British Special Forces in North Africa, 1940–1943 de John W. Gordon 8 cópias56
Wars Without Splendor: The U.S. Military and Low-Level Conflict de Ernest Evans 4 cópias58
Arms Control and Nuclear Weapons: U.S. Policies and the National Interest de L Boykin 3 cópias59
Perspectives on Nuclear War and Peace Education de Robert Ehrlich 1 exemplar(es)60
The Evolution of Blitzkrieg Tactics: Germany Defends Itself Against Poland, 1918–1933 de Robert M. Citino 6 cópias61
The Ambiguous Relationship: Theodore Roosevelt and Alfred Thayer Mahan de richard turk 3 cópias63
The Long Wait: The Forging of the Anglo-American Nuclear Alliance, 1945–1958 de Timothy; J. Botti 1 exemplar(es)64
New Weapons and NATO: Solutions or Irritants? de Robert Kromer 2 cópias66
The American War in Vietnam: Lessons, Legacies, and Implications for Future Conflicts de Lawrence E. Grinter 3 cópias67
Nuclear War and Nuclear Strategy: Unfinished Business de Stephen J. Cimbala 3 cópias68
NATO Strategy and Nuclear Defense de Carl H. Amme 2 cópias69
Gentlemen of the Blade: A Social and Literary History of the British Army Since 1660 de G.W. Stephen Brodsky 7 cópias70
The Anglo-American Winter War with Russia, 1918–1919: A Diplomatic and Military Tragicomedy de Benjamin D. Rhodes 4 cópias71
China's Military Modernization: International Implications de Larry M. Wortzel 2 cópias72
The Painful Field: The Psychiatric Dimension of Modern War de Richard A. Gabriel 3 cópias75
The Spit-Shine Syndrome: Organizational Irrationality in the American Field Army de Christopher Bassford 5 cópias76
The Aegean Mission: Allied Operations in the Dodecanese, 1943 de Jeffrey Holland 2 cópias77
The World Turned Upside Down: The American Victory in the War of Independence de John Ferling 2 cópias79
Civilian Indoctrination of the Military: World War I and Future Implications for the Military-Industrial Complex de Penn Borden 2 cópias80
Missile Defenses and Western European Security: Nato Strategy, Arms Control, and Deterrence de Robert M. Soofer 1 exemplar(es)81
U.S. Unilateral Arms Control Initiatives: When Do They Work? de William Rose 1 exemplar(es)82
Not Shooting and Not Crying: Psychological Inquiry into Moral Disobedience de Ruth Linn 2 cópias85
The U.S. War Crimes Trial Program in Germany, 1946–1955 de Frank M. Buscher 5 cópias86
Arms Race Theory: Strategy and Structure of Behavior de Craig Etcheson 2 cópias87
"Seeing the elephant": Raw Recruits at the Battle of Shiloh de Joseph Allan Frank 25 cópias, 1 resenha88
Strategic Impasse: Offense, Defense, and Deterrence Theory and Practice de Stephen J. Cimbala 2 cópias89
Feeding the Bear: American Aid to the Soviet Union, 1941–1945 de Hubert P. Van Tuyll 7 cópias90
Reevaluating Major Naval Combatants of World War II de James J. Sadkovich 3 cópias92
The Hollow Army: How the U.S. Army Is Oversold and Undermanned de William Darryl Henderson 3 cópias93
Military Crisis Management: U.S. Intervention in the Dominican Republic, 1965 de Herbert G. Schoonmaker 1 exemplar(es)95
The Culture of War: Invention and Early Development de Richard A. Gabriel 7 cópias96
Prisoners, Diplomats, and the Great War: A Study in the Diplomacy of Captivity de richard speed 2 cópias97
The Persian Gulf War: Lessons for Strategy, Law, and Diplomacy de Christopher C. Joyner 6 cópias99
First Strike Stability: Deterrence after Containment de Stephen J. Cimbala 2 cópias101
The Eagle and the Dragon: The United States Military in China, 1901–1937 de Dennis L. Noble 1 exemplar(es)102
The Declining Hegemon: The United States and European Defense, 1960–1990 de Joseph Lepgold 2 cópias103
Diplomatic Ramifications of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, 1939–1941 de Janet M. Manson 5 cópias104
Russian Imperial Military Doctrine and Education, 1832–1914 de Carl Van Dyke 1 exemplar(es)105
An Eyewitness Account of the American Revolution and New England Life: The Journal of J. F. Wasmus, German Company Surgeon, 1776–1783 de J. F. Wasmus 5 cópias106
From Sumer to Rome: The Military Capabilities of Ancient Armies de Richard A. Gabriel 16 cópias108
The Vietnam War: Teaching Approaches and Resources de Marc Jason Gilbert 2 cópias109
The Chief of Staff: The Military Career of General Walter Bedell Smith de D.K.R. Crosswell 5 cópias110
Militarism and Politics in Latin America: Peru from Sanchez Cerro to Sendero Luminoso de Daniel M. Masterson 3 cópias111
The Political Economy of Defense: Issues and Perspectives 1 exemplar(es)112
Mechanized Juggernaut or Military Anachronism?: Horses and the German Army of World War II de R. L. DiNardo 33 cópias113
The Duke of Wellington and the British Army of Occupation in France, 1815–1818 de thomas dwight veve 1 exemplar(es)114
Terrain and Tactics de Patrick O'Sullivan 4 cópias115
Treatise on Partisan Warfare de Johann von Ewald 10 cópias116
Controlling and Ending Conflict: Issues Before and After the Cold War de Stephen J. Cimbala 1 exemplar(es)119
Salzburg Under Siege: U.S. Occupation, 1945–1955 de Donald R. Whitnah 2 cópias120
Doctrine and Dogma: German and British Infantry Tactics in the First World War de Martin Samuels 9 cópias121
For King and Kaiser!: The Making of the Prussian Army Officer, 1860–1914 de Steven E Clemente 1 exemplar(es)123
A History of Military Medicine, vol. 1: From Ancient Times to the Middle Ages de Richard A. Gabriel 8 cópias124.1
A History of Military Medicine, vol. 2: From the Renaissance through Modern Times de Richard A. Gabriel 2 cópias124.2
Soviet Military Doctrine from Lenin to Gorbachev, 1915–1991 de Willard C. Frank 3 cópias125
The U.S. Navy, the Mediterranean, and the Cold War, 1945–1947 de Edward J. Sheehy 2 cópias126
Beyond Glasnost: Soviet Reform and Security Issues de David T. Twining 2 cópias127
Imperial Spies Invade Russia: The British Intelligence Interventions, 1918 de A.J. Plotke 3 cópias131
The U.S. Military: Ready for the New World Order? de John Peters 0 cópias133
Unconventional Conflicts in a New Security Era: Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam de Sam C. Sarkesian 2 cópias134
"Mad Jack": The Biography of Captain John Percival, USN, 1779–1862 de David F. Long 1 exemplar(es)136
Military Helicopter Doctrines of the Major Powers, 1945–1992: Making Decisions about Air-Land Warfare de Matthew Allen 6 cópias137
Iron Brigade General: John Gibbon, A Rebel in Blue de Mark H. Jordan 7 cópias138
Joint Military Operations: A Short History de Roger Beaumont 5 cópias139
In Caesar's Shadow: The Life of General Robert Eichelberger de Paul Chwialkowski 5 cópias141
Looking Back on the Vietnam War: A 1990s Perspective on the Decisions, Combat, and Legacies de William Head 4 cópias142
The Search for Strategy: Politics and Strategic Vision de Gary L. Guertner 5 cópias143
The American Revolution, Garrison Life in French Canada and New York: Journal of an Officer in the Prinz Friedrich Regiment, 1776–1783 de Julius Friedrich von Hille 5 cópias144
The Sorcerer as Apprentice: Stalin as Commissar of Nationalities, 1917–1924 de Stephen Blank 2 cópias145
Uneasy Coalition: The Entente Experience in World War I de Jehuda L. Wallach 9 cópias146
Peacekeepers and Their Wives: American Participation in the Multinational Force and Observers de David R. Segal 4 cópias147
The 1,000 Hour War: Communication in the Gulf de Thomas A. McCain 2 cópias148
The Italian Navy in World War II de James J. Sadkovich 12 cópias149
The U.S. Constitution and the Power to Go to War: Historical and Current Perspectives de Gary M. Stern 2 cópias150
Scientific Information in Wartime: The Allied-German Rivalry, 1939–1945 de Pamela Spence Richards 3 cópias151
U.S. Domestic and National Security Agendas: Into the Twenty-First Century de Sam C. Sarkesian 1 exemplar(es)152
Marching Toward the 21st Century: Military Manpower and Recruiting de Stephen L. Mehay 2 cópias154
United States Army Logistics: The Normandy Campaign, 1944 de Steve R. Waddell 4 cópias155
Passchendaele and the Royal Navy de Andrew A. Wiest 2 cópias157
The Specht Journal: A Military Journal of the Burgoyne Campaign de Mary C. Lynn 3 cópias158
The Founding of Russia's Navy: Peter the Great and the Azov Fleet, 1688–1714 de Edward J. Phillips 4 cópias159
Communist Logistics in the Korean War de Charles R. Shrader 3 cópias160
The Rebirth of the Habsburg Army: Friedrich Beck and the Rise of the General Staff de scott lackey 1 exemplar(es)161
Collective Insecurity: U.S. Defense Policy and the New World Disorder de Stephen J. Cimbala 1 exemplar(es)162
Explorations in Strategy de Colin S. Gray 14 cópias164
Ace in the Hole: Why the United States Did Not Use Nuclear Weapons in the Cold War, 1945 to 1965 de Timothy; J. Botti 3 cópias165
Germany's Panzer Arm in World War II de R. L. DiNardo 27 cópias166
Counterinsurgency in Africa: The Portuguese Way of War, 1961–1974 de John P. Cann 34 cópias, 1 resenha167
General William Maxwell and the New Jersey Continentals de Harry M. Ward 4 cópias168
Military Assistance: An Operational Perspective de William H. Mott 5 cópias170
The Writing of Official Military History de Robin Higham 4 cópias171
Great World War II Battles in the Arctic de Mark Llewellyn Evans 2 cópias172
Desert Shield at Sea: What the Navy Really Did de Marvin Pokrant 13 cópias175
Truman, MacArthur, and the Korean War de Dennis D. Wainstock 10 cópias176
The Moroccan Goums: Tribal Warriors in a Modern War de Edward L. Bimberg 5 cópias177
Poison Gas: The Myths Versus Reality de James W. Hammond 3 cópias178
The Bradley and How It Got That Way: Technology, Institutions, and the Problem of Mechanized Infantry in the United States Army de W. Blair Haworth 9 cópias180
War for the Every Day: Generals, Knowledge, and Warfare in Early Modern Europe, 1680–1740 de Erik A. Lund 3 cópias181
Reorganizing the Joint Chiefs of Staff: The Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986 de ledermangordon 4 cópias182
Secret Soldiers of the Revolution: Soviet Military Intelligence, 1918–1933 de Raymond W. Leonard 3 cópias183
The Making of a Professional: Manton S. Eddy, USA de Henry Phillips 5 cópias185
Bullies and Cowards: The West Point Hazing Scandal, 1898–1901 de Philip Leon 5 cópias186
Soldier and Warrior: French Attitudes toward the Army and War on the Eve of the First World War de H. L. Wesseling 7 cópias187
The 1973 Arab-Israeli War: The Albatross of Decisive Victory de George W. Gawrych 25 cópias188
Jérôme Bonaparte : the war years, 1800-1815 de Glenn J. Lamar 2 cópias189
Operation Pike: Britain Versus the Soviet Union, 1939–1941 de Patrick R. Osborn 6 cópias190
The Emperor's Friend: Marshal Jean Lannes de Margaret S. Chrisawn 5 cópias191
From Ice-Breaker to Missile Boat: The Evolution of Israel's Naval Strategy de Moshe Tzalel 4 cópias, 1 resenha192
Iron Admirals: Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century de Ronald Andidora 0 cópias194
Implosion: Downsizing the U.S. Military, 1987–2015 de Bart Brasher 0 cópias196
Creating an American Lake: United States Imperialism and Strategic Security in the Pacific Basin, 1945–1947 de Hal M. Friedman 2 cópias198
Rolling the Iron Dice: Historical Analogies and Decisions to Use Military Force in Regional Contingencies de Scot Macdonald 1 exemplar(es)199
Native vs. Settler: Ethnic Conflict in Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, and South Africa de Thomas G. Mitchell 6 cópias, 1 resenha200
Ordered to Die: A History of the Ottoman Army in the First World War de Edward J. Erickson 31 cópias, 1 resenha201
The Formative Influences, Theories, and Campaigns of the Archduke Carl of Austria de Lee W. Eysturlid 3 cópias202
Doctrine Under Trial: American Artillery Employment in World War I de Mark E. Grotelueschen 9 cópias203
Great Captains of Antiquity de Richard A. Gabriel 6 cópias204
Surgeons at War: Medical Arrangements for the Treatment of the Sick and Wounded in the British Army during the late 18th and 19th Centuries de Matthew Kaufman 3 cópias205
Death Waits in the "Dark": The Senoi Praaq, Malaysia's Killer Elite de Roy Jumper 2 cópias206
Soviet Military Assistance: An Empirical Perspective de William H. Mott IV 3 cópias207
The Battle of Ap Bac, Vietnam: They Did Everything But Learn From It de David M. Toczek 13 cópias, 1 resenha208
Conscription and Democracy: The Draft in France, Great Britain, and the United States de George Q. Flynn 4 cópias210
Battles of the Thirty Years War: From White Mountain to Nordlingen, 1618–1635 de William P. Guthrie 17 cópias, 1 resenha213
Tides in the Affairs of Men: The Social History of Elizabethan Seamen, 1580–1603 de Cheryl A. Fury 1 exemplar(es)214
A Navy Second to None: The History of U.S. Naval Training in World War I de Michael D. Besch 2 cópias215
Home by Christmas: The Illusion of Victory in 1944 de Ronald Andidora 1 exemplar(es)216
Tricolor Over the Sahara: The Desert Battles of the Free French, 1940–1942 de Edward L. Bimberg 5 cópias217
United States Military Assistance: An Empirical Perspective de William H. Mott IV 2 cópias218
Forged in War: The Continental Congress and the Origin of Military Supply and Acquisition Policy de Lucille E. Horgan 2 cópias219
Defense Relations between Australia and Indonesia in the Post-Cold War Era de Bilveer Singh 0 cópias220
The Later Thirty Years War: From the Battle of Wittstock to the Treaty of Westphalia de William P. Guthrie 13 cópias, 1 resenha222
To the Bitter End: Paraguay and the War of the Triple Alliance de Christopher Leuchars 12 cópias, 2 resenhas223
Guns in the Desert: General Jean-Pierre Doguereau's Journal of Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition de Rosemary Brindle 1 exemplar(es)224
The Cross and the Trenches: Religious Faith and Doubt among British and American Great War Soldiers de Richard Schweitzer 6 cópias225
Wielding the Dagger: The MarineKorps Flandern and the German War Effort, 1914–1918 de Mark D. Karau 3 cópias226
Trial by Fire: Command and the British Expeditionary Force in 1914 de Nikolas Gardner 6 cópias227
The Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union de Natalie Mychajlyszyn 2 cópias228
The Maltese Cross: A Strategic History of Malta de Dennis Castillo 3 cópias229