Série de EditoraHarvard East Asian Monographs

Economic Planning and Organization in Mainland China: A Documentary Study, 1949-1957. Volume 1 de Kuo-chün Chao 1 exemplar(es)1
The Grain Tribute System of China 1845-1911 de Harold C. Hinton 1 exemplar(es)2
The Kaiping Mines, 1877-1912 de Ellsworth C. Carlson 0 cópias3
Random Notes On Red China 1936-1945 de Edgar Snow 6 cópias5
Economic Planning and Organization in Mainland China: A Documentary Study, 1949-1957. Volume 2 de Kuo-chün Chao 0 cópias7
Ch'ing Documents: An Introductory Syllabus de John King Fairbank 5 cópias, 1 resenha8
The Reform and Abolition of the Traditional Chinese Examination System de Wolfgang Franke 1 exemplar(es)10
Chinese Communist Studies of Modern Chinese History de Albert Feuerwerker 1 exemplar(es)11
Late Ch'ing Finance: Hu Kuang-yung as an Innovator de C. John Stanley 0 cópias12
The Tsungli Yamen: Its Organization and Functions de S. M. Meng 1 exemplar(es)13
Controversies in Modern Chinese Intellectual History: An Analytic Bibliography of Periodical Articles, Mainly of the May Fourth and Post-May Fourth Era de Chun-Jo Liu 0 cópias15
The Chinese Red Army, 1927-1963: An Annotated Bibliography de Edward J. M. Rhoads 2 cópias16
A History of the China International Famine Relief Commission de Andrew James Nathan 0 cópias17
A research guide to China-Coast newspapers, 1822-1911 de Frank H. H. King 1 exemplar(es)18
Party and Army: Professionalism and Political Control in the Chinese Officer Corps 1949-1964 de Ellis Joffe 1 exemplar(es)19
Feudal Control in Tokugawa Japan; the Sankin Kōtai System de Toshio G. Tsukahira 1 exemplar(es)20
American Missionaries in China. Papers from Harvard Seminars de Kwang-Ching Liu 1 exemplar(es)21
A Sino-Soviet Cultural Frontier: The Ili Kazakh Autonomous Chou de George Moseley 1 exemplar(es)22
Plague Prevention and Politics in Manchuria, 1910-1931 de Carl F. Nathan 0 cópias23
The Road From Isolation: The Campaign of the American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression, 1938-1941 de Donald J Friedman 3 cópias25
Western Enterprise in Late Ch'ing China: A Selective Survey of Jardine, Matheson & Company's Operations 1842-1895 de Edward LeFevour 2 cópias26
Third world politics; China and the Afro-Asian People's [sic] Solidarity Organization, 1957-1967 de Charles Neuhauser 0 cópias27
The Economic Development of Manchuria in the First Half of the Twentieth Century de Kungtu C. Sun 1 exemplar(es)28
A study of Chinese communes, 1965 de Shahid Javed Burki 0 cópias29
The Extraterritorial System in China: Final Phase de John Carter Vincent 2 cópias30
China Diplomacy, 1914-1918 de Madeleine Chi 2 cópias31
Protestant America and the Pagan World: The First Half Century of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1810-1860 de Clifton Jackson Phillips 5 cópias, 1 resenha32
Wu Han: attacking the present through the past de James Reeve Pusey 1 exemplar(es)33
Postal Communication in China and Its Modernization, 1860-1896 de Ying-wan Cheng 0 cópias34
Saving in Postwar Japan de Tuvia Blumenthal 1 exemplar(es)35
The Bakumatsu Currency Crisis de Peter Frost 0 cópias36
Augustine Heard and Company, 1858-1862: American Merchants in China de Stephen Chapman Lockwood 0 cópias37
James Duncan Campbell: A Memoir by His Son de Robert Ronald Campbell 0 cópias38
The Dynamics of China's Foreign Relations de Jerome Alan Cohen 2 cópias39
Two Years in Revolutionary China, 1925-1927 de Vera Vladimirovna Vishnyakova-Akimova 3 cópias40
French Policy in Japan during the Closing Years of the Tokugawa Regime de Meron Medzini 0 cópias41
The Cultural Revolution in the Provinces de Ezra F. Vogel 1 exemplar(es)42
An American Missionary Community in China, 1895-1905 de Sidney A. Forsythe 2 cópias43
Reflections on the May Fourth movement: a symposium de Benjamin I. Schwartz 1 exemplar(es)44
A Bibliographical Guide to Japanese Research on the Chinese Economy, 1958-1970 de W. P. J. Hall 0 cópias46
Horatio Nelson Lay and Sino-British Relations, 1854-1864 de Jack J. Gerson 1 exemplar(es)47
Famine in China and the missionary; Timothy Richard as relief administrator and advocate of national reform, 1876-1884 de Paul Richard Bohr 0 cópias48
The History of Imperial China: A Research Guide de Endymion Wilkinson 9 cópias49
The Foochow missionaries, 1847-1880 de Ellsworth C. Carlson 1 exemplar(es)51
An Estimate of the Land Tax Collection in China, 1753 and 1908 de Yeh-Chien Wang 0 cópias52
Understanding Business Contracts in China, 1949-1963 de Richard M. Pfeffer 0 cópias53
Mid-Ch'ing Rice Markets and Trade: An Essay in Price History de Han-sheng Chuan 2 cópias54
Lao She and the Chinese Revolution de Ranbir Vohra 0 cópias55
China's Foreign Trade Statistics, 1864-1949 de Liang-lin Hsiao 0 cópias56
Government Control of the Press in Modern China, 1900-1949 de Lee-hsia Hsu Ting 0 cópias57
The Literati Purges: Political Conflict in Early Yi Korea de Edward W. Wagner 1 exemplar(es)58
Divided Korea: The Politics of Development, 1945-1972 de Joungwon Kim 6 cópias59
Japanese Studies of Modern China since 1953: A Bibliographical Guide to Historical and Social-Science Research on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries de Noriko Kamachi 0 cópias60
A Bibliography of Studies and Translations of Modern Chinese Literature, 1918-1942 de Donald Gibbs 2 cópias61
Leadership and Values: The Organization of Large-Scale Taiwanese Enterprises de Robert H. Silin 1 exemplar(es)62
A critical guide to the Kwangtung provincial archives, deposited at the Public Record Office of London de David Pong 0 cópias63
China Charts the World: Hsu Chi-yu and His Geography of 1848 de Fred W Drake 0 cópias64
History of the Mongolian People's Republic de B. Shirendeu 1 exemplar(es)65
Early Ming Government: Evolution of Dual Capitals de Edward L. Farmer 2 cópias66
Koxinga and Chinese Nationalism: History, Myth, and the Hero de Ralph C. Croizier 0 cópias67
The Psychological World of Natsume Soseki de Takeo Doi 1 exemplar(es)68
The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Peking During the Eighteenth Century de Eric Widmer 0 cópias69
Prologue to the Chinese revolution : the transformation of ideas and institutions in Hunan Province, 1891-1907 de Charlton M. Lewis 0 cópias70
The Ch'ing Imperial Household Department: A Study of Its Organization and Principal Functions, 1662-1796 de Preston M. Torbert 1 exemplar(es)71
Reform in nineteenth-century China de Paula Cohen 3 cópias72
Rural Industrialization in China de Jon Sigurdson 0 cópias73
The Development of Cotton Textile Production in China de Kang Chao 0 cópias74
The Home Base of American China Missions, 1880-1920 de Valentin H. Rabe 2 cópias75
Tribute and profit: Sino-Siamese trade, 1652-1853 de Sarasin Viraphol 5 cópias76
The military establishment of the Yuan dynasty de Chʻi-chʻing Hsiao 5 cópias, 1 resenha77
Contemporary Chinese novels and short stories, 1949-1974 : an annotated bibliography de Meishi Tsai 1 exemplar(es)78
Merchants, mandarins, and modern enterprise in late Chʻing China de Wellington K. K. Chan 0 cópias79
Landlord and labor in late imperial China : case studies from Shandong de Su Jing 1 exemplar(es)80
The Dewey experiment in China : educational reform and political power in the early Republic de Barry C. Keenan 0 cópias81
Crime and Punishment in Medieval Chinese Drama: Three Judge Pao Plays of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties de George A. Hayden 5 cópias82
Growth and Structural Changes in the Korean Economy, 1910-1940 de Sang Chul Suh 1 exemplar(es)83
Empire and Aftermath: Yoshida Shigeru and the Japanese Experience, 1878-1954 de John W. Dower 20 cópias84
Five Mountains: The Rinzai Zen Monastic Institution in Medieval Japan de Martin Collcutt 31 cópias85
Growth and Structural Transformation de Kwang Suk Kim 0 cópias86
The Developmental Role of the Foreign Sector and Aid de Anne O. Krueger 0 cópias87
Urbanization and Urban Problems de Edwin S. Mills 0 cópias88
Rural Development (Studies in the Modernization of the Republic of Korea, 1945-1975) de Sung Hwan Ban 0 cópias89
Education and development in Korea de Noel F. McGinn 0 cópias90
Government, Business, and Entrepreneurship in Economic Development: The Korean Case de Leroy Jones 2 cópias91
The Economic and Social Modernization of the Republic of Korea de Edward S. Mason 0 cópias92
Economic development, population policy, and demographic transition in the Republic of Korea de Robert Repetto 1 exemplar(es)93
The Shanghai Capitalists and the Nationalist Government, 1927-1937 de Parks Coble 6 cópias94
Reform in China : Huang Tsun-hsien and the Japanese model de Noriko Kamachi 1 exemplar(es)95
Sino-Soviet crisis politics : a study of political change and communication de Richard Wich 0 cópias96
China's silk trade : traditional industry in the modern world 1842-1937 de Lillian M. Li 2 cópias97
Fei Xiaotong and Sociology in Revolutionary China de R. David Arkush 3 cópias98
Japan's Renaissance: The Politics of the Muromachi Bakufu de Kenneth Alan Grossberg 11 cópias99
China and Charles Darwin de James Reeve Pusey 4 cópias100
Utilitarian Confucianism : Ch'en Liang's Challenge to Chu Hsi de Hoyt Cleveland Tillman 1 exemplar(es)101
Osugi Sakae, Anarchist in Taisho Japan: The Creativity of the Ego de Thomas A. Stanley 8 cópias102
Bureaucratic Reform in Provincial China: Ting Jih-Ch'ang in Restoration Kiangsu, 1867-70 de JK Ocko 0 cópias103
The missionary mind and American East Asia policy, 1911-1915 de James Reed 3 cópias104
Japan's Local Pragmatists: The Transition from Bakumatsu to Meiji in the Kawasaki Region de Neil L. Waters 1 exemplar(es)105
Financial development in Korea, 1945-1978 de David Chamberlin Cole 2 cópias106
Public Finance During the Korean Modernization Process de Roy Bahl 0 cópias107
Mitsubishi and the N.Y.K., 1870-1914 : Business Strategy in the Japanese Shipping Industry de William D. Wray 2 cópias108
The dragon and the iron horse : the economics of railroads in China, 1876-1937 de Ralph William Huenemann 2 cópias109
From Philosophy to Philology: Intellectual and Social Aspects of Change in Late Imperial China de Benjamin A. Elman 19 cópias110
Wei Yuan and China's Rediscovery of the Maritime World de Jane Kate Leonard 3 cópias111
Mosaic of the Hundred Days: Personalities, Politics and Ideas of 1898 de Luke S. Kwong 2 cópias112
Embassies and Illusions: Dutch and Portuguese Envoys to K'ang-hsi de John E. Wills Jr. 5 cópias113
Politics and Sinology: The Case of Naitō Konan (1866–1934) de Joshua A. Fogel 3 cópias114
After Mao: Chinese Literature and Society, 1978-1981 de Jeffrey C. Kinkley 3 cópias115
Circles of Fantasy: Convention in the Plays of Chikamatsu de C. Andrew Gerstle 3 cópias116
The Evolution of Labor Relations in Japan: Heavy Industry, 1853-1955 de Andrew Gordon 14 cópias117
Chu Hsi and the Ta-hsueh: Neo-Confucian Reflection on the Confucian Canon de Daniel K. Gardner 2 cópias118
Shinzo: Hachiman Imagery and its Development de Christine Guth Kanda 5 cópias119
Sugawara no Michizane and the Early Heian Court de Robert Borgen 26 cópias, 1 resenha120
Going to the People: Chinese Intellectuals and Folk Literature, 1918-1937 de Chang-tai Hung 3 cópias121
The Japanese Automobile Industry: Technology and Management at Nissan and Toyota de Michael Cusumano 10 cópias122
The Country of Streams and Grottoes: Expansion, Settlement, and the Civilizing of the Sichuan Frontier in Song Times de Richard von Glahn 3 cópias123
The Road to Komatsubara: A Classical Reading of the Renga Hyakuin de Steven D. Carter 2 cópias124
Entering China's Service: Robert Hart's Journals, 1854-1863 de Katherine Bruner 6 cópias125
Anti-Foreignism and Western Learning in Early Modern Japan: The New Theses of 1825 de Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi 16 cópias126
Individualism and Socialism: The Life and Thought of Kawai Eijirō, 1891–1944 de Atsuko Hirai 0 cópias127
The Margins of Utopia: "Shui-hu hou-chuan" and the Literature of Ming Loyalism de Ellen Widmer 1 exemplar(es)128
The Emperor's Four Treasuries: Scholars and the State in the Late Ch'ien-lung Era de R. Kent Guy 6 cópias129
Exhausting the Earth: State and Peasant in Hunan, 1500-1850 de Peter C. Perdue 6 cópias130
A Latterday Confucian: Reminiscences of William Hung (1893-1980) de Susan Chan Egan 4 cópias131
China Turning Inward: Intellectual-Political Changes in the Early Twelfth Century de James T. C. Liu 1 exemplar(es)132
Between Tradition and Modernity: Wang T'ao and Reform in Late Ch'ing China de Paula Cohen 6 cópias133
Shogunal Politics: Arai Hakuseki and the Premises of Tokugawa Rule de Kate Wildman Nakai 3 cópias134
Facing Japan: Chinese Politics and Japanese Imperialism, 1931-1937 de Parks M. Coble 7 cópias135
Tales of Heichu de Susan Downing Videen 4 cópias137
Rakugo: The Popular Narrative Art of Japan de Heinz Morioka 2 cópias138
Nakae Ushikichi in China: The Mourning of Spirit de Joshua A. Fogel 1 exemplar(es)139
Vietnam and the Chinese Model: A Comparative Study of Nguyen and Ch'ing Civil Government in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century de Alexander Woodside 11 cópias140
Deus Destroyed: The Image of Christianity in Early Modern Japan de George Elison 32 cópias141
Managing industrial enterprise : cases from Japan's prewar experience de William D. Wray 2 cópias142
Local Government in China Under the Ch'ing de T'ung-tsu Ch'u 19 cópias143
Computers, Inc: Japan's Challenge to IBM de Marie Anchordoguy 2 cópias144
Technology and Investment: The Prewar Japanese Chemical Industry de Barbara Molony 3 cópias145
Hideyoshi de Mary Elizabeth Berry 63 cópias146
Fueling Growth: The Energy Revolution and Economic Policy in Postwar Japan de Laura E. Hein 4 cópias147
The Alienated Academy: Culture and Politics in Republican China, 1919-1937 de Wen-hsin Yeh 9 cópias148
Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People's Republic de Dru C. Gladney 30 cópias149
Ideas Across Cultures: Essays on Chinese Thought in Honor of Benjamin I. Schwartz de Paula Cohen 2 cópias150
The Inner Opium War de James Polachek 8 cópias151
Japanese Marxist: A Portrait of Kawakami Hajime, 1879-1946 de Gail Lee Bernstein 7 cópias152
The Abortive Revolution: China Under Nationalist Rule, 1927-1937 de Lloyd Eastman 7 cópias153
American Multinationals and Japan: The Political Economy of Japanese Capital Controls, 1899-1980 de Mark Mason 5 cópias154
Robert Hart and China's Early Modernization: His Journals, 1863-1866 de Parks M. Coble 5 cópias155
Myoe the Dreamkeeper: Fantasy and Knowledge in Early Kamakura Buddhism de George Tanabe 16 cópias156
Heavenly Warriors: The Evolution of Japan's Military, 500-1300 de William Wayne Farris 40 cópias, 1 resenha157
An American Missionary in China: John Leighton Stuart and Chinese-American Relations de Yu-ming Shaw 2 cópias158
Politics and Policy in Traditional Korea de James B. Palais 13 cópias159
China, 1898-1912: The Xinzheng Revolution and Japan de Douglas Reynolds 3 cópias160
China's Local Councils in the Age of Constitutional Reform, 1898-1911 de Roger Thompson 1 exemplar(es)161
The Modern Epidemic: A History of Tuberculosis in Japan de William Johnston 2 cópias162
Breaking Barriers: Travel and the State in Early Modern Japan de Constantine Nomikos Vaporis 6 cópias163
The Meiji Unification Through the Lens of Ishikawa Prefecture de James C. Baxter 3 cópias165
Rituals of self-revelation : shishōsetsu as literary genre and socio-cultural phenomenon de Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit 3 cópias166
The Secret Window: Ideal Worlds in Tanizakis Fiction de Anthony Chambers 2 cópias167
The Sound of the Whistle: Railroads and the State in Meiji Japan de Steven J. Ericson 7 cópias168
Kenmu: Go-Daigo's Revolution de Andrew Edmund Goble 7 cópias169
In Pursuit of Status: The Making of South Korea's "New" Urban Middle Class de Denise Potrzeba Lett 8 cópias170
Hiraizumi: Buddhist Art and Regional Politics in Twelfth-Century Japan de Mimi Hall Yiengpruksawan 4 cópias171
The Similitude of Blossoms: A Critical Biography of Izumi Koyka (1873-1939), Japanese Novelist and Playwright de Charles Shiro Inouye 2 cópias172
Riding the Black Ship: Japan and Tokyo Disneyland de Aviad E. Raz 18 cópias, 1 resenha173
Poverty, Equality, and Growth: The Politics of Economic Need in Postwar Japan de Deborah J. Milly 5 cópias174
Japanese Cultural Policy toward China, 1918-1931: A Comparative Perspective de See Heng Teow 0 cópias175
An Introduction to Literary Chinese de Michael A. Fuller 76 cópias176
War and National Reinvention: Japan in the Great War, 1914-1919 de Frederick R. Dickinson 18 cópias, 2 resenhas177
Shredding the Tapestry of Meaning: The Poetry and Poetics of Kitasono Katue de John Solt 10 cópias178
Japan's protoindustrial elite : the economic foundations of the gōnō de Edward E. Pratt 1 exemplar(es)179
Recontextualizing Texts: Narrative Performance in Modern Japanese Fiction de Atsuko Sakaki 2 cópias180
Colonial Industrialization and Labor in Korea: The Onoda Cement Factory de Soon-Won Park 2 cópias181
Culture and the State in Late Choson Korea de JaHyun Kim Haboush 12 cópias182
Branches of Heaven: A History of the Imperial Clan of Sung China de John W. Chaffee 7 cópias183
Colonial Modernity in Korea de Daqing Yang 19 cópias184
Prayer and Play in Late Tokugawa Japan: Asakusa Sensoji and Edo Society de Nam-lin Hur 3 cópias185
Civilizing Chengdu: Chinese Urban Reform, 1895-1937 de Kristin Stapleton 2 cópias186
Constructing "Korean" Origins: A Critical Review of Archaeology, Historiography, and Racial Myth in Korean State-Formation Theories de Hyung Il Pai 13 cópias187
Jewel in the Ashes: Buddha Relics and Power in Early Medieval Japan de Brian D. Ruppert 9 cópias188
Zhou Zuoren and An Alternative Chinese Response to Modernity de Susan Daruvala 2 cópias189
The political economy of a frontier : Southwest China, 1250-1850 de James Z. Lee 1 exemplar(es)190
A Time of Crisis: Japan, the Great Depression, and Rural Revitalization de Kerry Smith 12 cópias191
Becoming Apart: National Power and Local Politics in Toyama, 1868-1945 de Michael Lewis 3 cópias192
State and economy in Republican China : a handbook for scholars de William C. Kirby 5 cópias193
Minamata: Pollution and the Struggle for Democracy in Postwar Japan de Timothy S. George 9 cópias194
Prosperity, Region, and Institutions in Maritime China: The South Fukien Pattern, 946-1368 de Billy K.L. So 1 exemplar(es)195
The Making of Japanese Manchuria, 1904-1932 de Yoshihisa Tak Matsusaka 23 cópias196
Competing Discourses: Orthodoxy, Authenticity, and Engendered Meanings in Late Imperial Chinese Fiction de Maram Epstein 1 exemplar(es)197
Japanese Law in Context: Readings in Society, the Economy, and Politics de James Abegglen 3 cópias198
Unfinished Business: Ayukawa Yoshisuke and U.S.-Japan Relations, 1937-1953 de Haruo Iguchi 1 exemplar(es)199
Culture and Power in the Reconstitution of the Chinese Realm, 200-600 de Scott Pearce 8 cópias200
Writing Margins: The Textual Construction of Gender in Heian and Kamakura Japan de Terry Kawashima 6 cópias201
Desire and Fictional Narrative in Late Imperial China de Martin W. Huang 1 exemplar(es)202
Re-examining the Cold War: U.S.-China Diplomacy, 1954-1973 de Robert S. Ross 9 cópias203
In search of justice : the 1905-1906 Chinese anti-American boycott de Guanhua Wang 0 cópias204
A Patterned Past: Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography de David Schaberg 5 cópias205
Tears of Longing: Nostalgia and the Nation in Japanese Popular Song de Christine R. Yano 11 cópias, 2 resenhas206
The Appropriation of Cultural Capital: China's May Fourth Project de Milena Doleželová-Velingerová 1 exemplar(es)207
The Making of Shinkokinshū de Robert N. Huey 2 cópias208
Emperor and Aristocracy in Japan, 1467-1680 de Lee Butler 8 cópias209
Inklings of Democracy in China de Suzanne Ogden 4 cópias210
The People's Emperor: Democracy and the Japanese Monarchy, 1945-1995 de Kenneth J. Ruoff 13 cópias211
Great Walls of Discourse and Other Adventures in Cultural China de Haun Saussy 15 cópias212
Emotions at work : normative control, organizations, and culture in Japan and America de Aviad E. Raz 1 exemplar(es)213
Rethinking the 1898 Reform Period: Political and Cultural Change in Late Qing China de Rebecca E. Karl 5 cópias214
The Book of Korean Shijo de Kevin O'Rourke 5 cópias215
The golden age of the U.S.-China-Japan triangle, 1972-1989 de Ezra F. Vogel 4 cópias216
On Sacred Grounds: Culture, Society, Politics, and the Formation of the Cult of Confucius de Thomas A. Wilson 1 exemplar(es)217
Steps of Perfection: Exorcistic Performers and Chinese Religion in Twentieth-Century Taiwan de Donald S. Sutton 2 cópias218
Technology of Empire: Telecommunications and Japanese Expansion in Asia, 1883-1945 de Daqing Yang 7 cópias219
Fu Shan's World: The Transformation of Chinese Calligraphy in the Seventeenth Century de Qianshen Bai 4 cópias220
The Song-Yuan-Ming Transition in Chinese History de Paul Jakov Smith 11 cópias221
Alien Kind: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative de Rania Huntington 15 cópias222
House and Home in Modern Japan: Architecture, Domestic Space, and Bourgeois Culture, 1880-1930 de Jordan Sand 13 cópias223
China Made: Consumer Culture and the Creation of the Nation de Karl Gerth 6 cópias, 1 resenha224
Metamorphosis of the private sphere : gardens and objects in Tang-Song poetry de Xiaoshan Yang 6 cópias225
A newspaper for China? : power, identity, and change in Shanghai's news media, 1872-1912 de Barbara Mittler 1 exemplar(es)226
The Troublesome Legacy of Commissioner Lin: The Opium Trade and Opium Suppression in Fujian Province, 1820s to 1920s de Joyce A. Madancy 3 cópias227
Transmitters and Creators: Chinese Commentators and Commentaries on the Analects de John Makeham 5 cópias228
From Cotton Mill to Business Empire: The Emergence of Regional Enterprises in Modern China de Elisabeth Köll 1 exemplar(es)229
Taiwan's Imagined Geography: Chinese Colonial Travel Writing and Pictures, 1683-1895 de Emma Jinhua Teng 14 cópias230
The Red Brush: Writing Women of Imperial China de Wilt L. Idema 22 cópias231
The Ethos of Noh: Actors and Their Art de Eric C. Rath 2 cópias232
Building local states : China during the Republican and post-Mao eras de Elizabeth Remick 1 exemplar(es)233
The Qing Formation in World-Historical Time de Lynn A. Struve 5 cópias234
Localizing Paradise: Kumano Pilgrimage and the Religious Landscape of Premodern Japan de D. Max Moerman 6 cópias235
Speaking of Yangzhou: A Chinese City, 1550-1850 de Antonia Finnane 7 cópias236
Burning and Building: Schooling and State Formation in Japan, 1750-1890 de Brian Platt 10 cópias237
Public Spheres, Private Lives in Modern Japan, 1600-1950: Essays in Honor of Albert Craig de Gail Lee Bernstein 2 cópias238
Body and Face in Chinese Visual Culture de Wu Hung 3 cópias239
Writing Home: Representations of the Native Place in Modern Japanese Literature de Stephen Dodd 1 exemplar(es)240
Opium and the Limits of Empire: Drug Prohibition in the Chinese Interior, 1729-1850 de David Anthony Bello 6 cópias241
Discourses of Seduction: History, Evil, Desire, and Modern Japanese Literature de Hosea Hirata 0 cópias242
Beyond Birth: Social Status in the Emergence of Modern Korea de Kyung Moon Hwang 6 cópias243
Identity reflections: pilgrimages to Mount Tai in late Imperial China de Brian R. Dott 2 cópias244
Proving the Way: Conflict and Practice in the History of Japanese Nativism de Mark McNally 3 cópias245
A Political Explanation of Economic Growth: State Survival, Bureaucratic Politics, and Private Enterprises in the Making of Taiwan's Economy, 1950-1985 de Yongping Wu 3 cópias246
The Age of Visions and Arguments: Parliamentarianism and the National Public Sphere in Early Meiji Japan de Kyu Hyun Kim 2 cópias247
The Dao of Muhammad: A Cultural History of Muslims in Late Imperial China de Zvi Ben-Dor Benite 13 cópias248
Dynastic Crisis and Cultural Innovation: From the Late Ming to the Late Qing and Beyond de David Der-Wei Wang 5 cópias249
Trauma and Transcendence in Early Qing Literature de Wilt L. Idema 0 cópias250
Gendering Modern Japanese History de Barbara Molony 8 cópias251
Islands of Eight Million Smiles: Idol Performance and Symbolic Production in Contemporary Japan de Hiroshi Aoyagi 5 cópias, 2 resenhas252
The Readability of the Past in Early Chinese Historiography de Wai-yee Li 4 cópias253
Normalization of U.S.-China Relations: An International History de William C. Kirby 5 cópias254
Practical Pursuits: Takano Choei, Takahashi Keisaku, and Western Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Japan de Ellen Gardner Nakamura 2 cópias255
A History of the Early Korean Kingdom of Paekche, together with an annotated translation of The Paekche Annals of the Samguk sagi de Jonathan W. Best 9 cópias256
The United Nations in Japan’s Foreign and Security Policymaking, 1945-1992: National Security, Party Politics, and International Status de Liang Pan 1 exemplar(es)257
Localities at the Center: Native Place, Space, and Power in Late Imperial Beijing de Richard Belsky 3 cópias258
Useless to the State: "Social Problems" and Social Engineering in Nationalist Nanjing, 1927-1937 de Zwia Lipkin 5 cópias259
Advertising Tower: Japanese Modernism and Modernity in the 1920s de William O. Gardner 2 cópias260
The making of early Chinese classical poetry de Stephen Owen 3 cópias261
Pattern and Person: Ornament, Society, and Self in Classical China de Martin J. Powers 10 cópias262
Crafting a Collection: The Cultural Contexts and Poetic Practice of the Huajian Ji (Collection from Among the Flowers) de Anna M. Shields 0 cópias263
The Late Tang: Chinese Poetry of the Mid-Ninth Century (827-860) de Stephen Owen 16 cópias264
Intimate Politics: Marriage, the Market, and State Power in Southeastern China de Sara L. Friedman 5 cópias265
Emperor Huizong and Late Northern Song China: The Politics of Culture and the Culture of Politics de Patricia Buckley Ebrey 15 cópias266
Worldly stage : theatricality in seventeenth-century China de Sophie Volpp 1 exemplar(es)267
The Beauty and the Book: Women and Fiction in Nineteenth-Century China de Ellen Widmer 5 cópias268
The Sea of Learning: Mobility and Identity in Nineteenth-Century Guangzhou de Steven B. Miles 2 cópias269
China Upside Down: Currency, Society, and Ideologies, 1808-1856 de Man-houng Lin 6 cópias270
The Problem of Beauty: Aesthetic Thought and Pursuits in Northern Song Dynasty China de Ronald C. Egan 8 cópias271
Out of the Cloister: Literati Perspectives on Buddhism in Sung China, 960–1279 de Mark Halperin 0 cópias272
State or Merchant: Political Economy and Political Process in 1740s China de Helen Dunstan 3 cópias273
The Heart of Time: Moral Agency in Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction de Sabina Knight 0 cópias274
The Uses of Memory: Critique of Modernity in the Fiction of Higuchi Ichiyo de Timothy J. Van Compernolle 5 cópias275
A New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese de Paul Rouzer 39 cópias, 1 resenha276
Practices of the sentimental imagination : melodrama, the novel, and the social imaginary in nineteenth-century Japan de Jonathan E. Zwicker 2 cópias277
War Memory and Social Politics in Japan, 1945-2005 de Franziska Seraphim 11 cópias278
Manga from the Floating World: Comicbook Culture and the Kibyoshi of Edo Japan de Adam L. Kern 20 cópias279
Commerce in Culture: The Sibao Book Trade in the Qing and Republican Periods de Cynthia J. Brokaw 7 cópias280
Between Dreams and Reality: The Military Examination in Late Chosŏn Korea, 1600-1894 de Eugene Y. Park 2 cópias281
Death and Social Order in Tokugawa Japan: Buddhism, Anti-Christianity, and the Danka System de Nam-lin Hur 7 cópias282
Disciplining the State: Virtue, Violence, and State-Making in Modern China de Patricia M. Thornton 10 cópias283
The Taoists of Peking, 1800-1949: A Social History of Urban Clerics de Vincent Goossaert 5 cópias284
Love after The Tale of Genji: Rewriting the World of the Shining Prince de Charo B. D’Etcheverry 4 cópias286
A Court on Horseback: Imperial Touring and the Construction of Qing Rule, 1680-1785 de Michael G. Chang 8 cópias287
War and Faith: Ikko Ikki in Late Muromachi Japan de Carol Richmond Tsang 8 cópias, 1 resenha288
Competition Over Content: Negotiating Standards for the Civil Service Examinations in Imperial China (1127-1279) de Hilde De Weerdt 8 cópias289
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