SériesStudies in Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology

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An early stone pectoral from southeastern Mexico de Michael D. Coe 3 cópias1
Three Maya relief panels at Dumbarton Oaks de Michael D. Coe 3 cópias2
Thoughts on the Meaning and Use of Pre-Hispanic Mexican Sellos de Frederick V. Field 4 cópias3
The Iconography of the Art of Teotihuacan de George Kubler 4 cópias4
Two Aztec Wood Idols: Iconographic and Chronologic Analysis de H. B. Nicholson 0 cópias5
The Olmec Paintings of Oxtotitlan Cave, Guerrero, Mexico de David C. Grove 3 cópias6
A study of Olmec iconography de Peter David Joralemon 5 cópias7
An Olmec figure at Dumbarton Oaks de Elizabeth P. Benson 0 cópias8
A Possible Focus of Andean Artistic Influence in Mesoamerica de Mino Badner 1 exemplar(es)9
Izapan-style art : a study of its form and meaning de Jacinto Quirarte 3 cópias10
Human decapitation in ancient Mesoamerica de Christopher L. Moser 2 cópias11
The thread of life : symbolism of miniature art from Ecuador de Johannes Wilbert 1 exemplar(es)12
A further exploration of the Rowe Chavín seriation and its implications for North Central Coast chronology de Peter G. Roe 2 cópias13
A man and a feline in Mochica art de Elizabeth P. Benson 2 cópias14
The Iconography of the Teotihuacan Tlaloc de Esther Pasztory 7 cópias15
Seven matched hollow gold jaguars from Peru's early horizon de Heather Lechtman 1 exemplar(es)16
Ecology and the arts in ancient Panama : on the development of social rank and symbolism in the central provinces de Olga F. Linares 5 cópias, 1 resenha17
Aspects of classic Maya rulership on two inscribed vessels de George Kubler 2 cópias18
The Danzantes of Monte Albán de John F. Scott 1 exemplar(es)19
State and cosmos in the art of Tenochtitlan de Richard Fraser Townsend 11 cópias20
The burial theme in Moche iconography de Christopher B. Donnan 1 exemplar(es)21
The Origins of Chavín Culture de Chiaki Kanō 1 exemplar(es)22
A Study of Olmec Sculptural Chronology de Susan Milbrath 1 exemplar(es)23
Chacs and Chiefs: The Iconology of Mosaic Stone Sculpture in Pre-Conquest Yucatán, Mexico de Rosemary Sharp 1 exemplar(es)24
The mirror, the rabbit, and the bundle : "accession" expressions from the Classic Maya inscriptions de Linda Schele 1 exemplar(es)25
Four lienzos of the Coixtlahuaca Valley de Ross Parmenter 0 cópias26
Izapa relief carving : form, content, rules for design, and role in Mesoamerican art history and archaeology de Virginia G. Smith 2 cópias27
The Origins of Maya Art: Monumental Stone Sculpture of Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala, and the Southern Pacific Coast de Lee Allen Parsons 5 cópias28
The House of the Bacabs, Copan, Honduras de David L. Webster 2 cópias29
Axe-Monies and Their Relatives de Dorothy Hosler 4 cópias30
The Frieze of the Palace of the Stuccoes, Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico de Virginia E. Miller 2 cópias31
The Major Gods of Ancient Yucatan de Karl A. Taube 12 cópias32
Classic Maya Place Names de David Stuart 9 cópias33
Zapotec Hieroglyphic Writing de Javier Urcid 2 cópias34
Sandals from Coahuila caves : with an introduction to the Coahuila Project, Coahuila, Mexico : 1937-1941, 1947 de Walter W. Taylor 2 cópias35
Script and Glyph: Pre-Hispanic History, Colonial Bookmaking, and the Historia Tolteca-Chichimeca de Dana Leibsohn 14 cópias36
Place and identity in classic Maya narratives de Alexandre Tokovinine 10 cópias37
Holes in the head : the art and archaeology of trepanation in ancient Peru de John W. Verano 2 cópias38
Painted words : Nahua Catholicism, politics, and memory in the Atzaqualco pictorial catechism de Elizabeth Hill Boone 0 cópias39

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