The Global Challenge

The Global Challenge.

The ultimate challenge or just plain stupidity?

There are 192 Permanent missions (Countries) of the United Nation (

Here is the challenge. To read a book that is set or about (at least in part) as many of them as possible. Of course, this is not going to be easy or something to be completed within a year so it is more of an ongoing challenge and you can use any books you have read in the past as your base.

The rules (and scoring) are simple.

-You can read and list up to five books per country.
-Each book is worth one point.
-All books can only be listed once! If you are reading a travel book that goes through Africa you need to choose which country you want to put it in (BUT ONLY ONE!).
-Fiction or Non-Fiction (Novels, Lonely Planet, even Children's Books if you need a fifth from Rwanda!)
-192 Countries and 5 books each is a maximum of 960 points.

This is as much a challenge of memory and "book keeping" as it is reading but I hope that it brings out some little known books about little known countries that should be a lot of fun to read.
Set yourself a goal (100, 200, or 500 points). Be the first to complete a country (already read 5 books from Malta? Awesome)

Good luck everyone and have fun reading!

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