And Other Stories: Translatable Portuguese-language fiction?

Este grupo está oficialmente inativo. Acontece! Se desejar reativar este grupo ou criar um novo grupo com o mesmo tópico, veja esta página.

And Other Stories is a new grassroots publisher of quality, adventurous writing, guided by readers, writers and translators.
It will publish its first books in spring 2011, and is dedicated to contemporary international fiction. It has grown out of the sense that the best books often aren't translated.. so we might as well do it!

In this group, we discuss Portuguese-language books we've heard great things about, with a view to seeing if And Other Stories might be the place to publish them. But it's also just about enjoying these books - we're happy to try to find other publishers for ones we like.

We are discussing books by João Paulo Cuenca, Rodrigo Lacerda, Raduan Nassar and Dulce Maria Cardoso, the current list is here:

Raduan Nassar's books are available in many European languages. An English translation sample by Margaret Jull Costa from Cardoso's O Chão dos pardais / Sparrow Ground can be found in 'Sights from the South' no. 7, this is part of a longer sample she translated.
Other books can be lent too, just ask. Feel free to join us!

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