Author Interviews: You ask the questions!

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Each month, we conduct a few exclusive interviews with authors and then publish the interviews in LibraryThing's monthly State of the Thing newsletter. We're going to try something new—crowdsourcing part of the interview, and using questions from members in addition to our own questions.

How it works:
We'll post a topic for each author that has an upcoming interview. Can you think of any questions for that author? Put them in the topic. Then we (ok, we mean Jeremy) will pick some member questions, and send them to the author. The author will answer everything, and we'll publish the interview both in the State of the Thing and on the author's page on LibraryThing.

A Twist:
You can also add your own thread for an author we haven't signed up for an interview yet. Make the author's name the subject line, followed by "wanted". For example, the subject could be:

Neil Gaiman (wanted)

Then add questions you have for that author. When we have a bunch of questions, I'll write the author/publicist/publisher, begging for an interview.

Questions? Know an author who might want to be interviewed? Email

(See a sample past interview with author Elizabeth Strout. There are links to all author interviews on the sidebar of that page.)

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